If I'm So Smart,

Then Why

Don't I Feel



An innovative & cutting-edge course that will


your relationship with insecurity.


This course lasts for 6 weeks

but the benefits will last a LIFETIME.


Everyone wants it.

We all need it.

Here's how to get it.

What makes some people more confident than others? 

What do they know, that YOU don’t?

How come some people act as if they could conquer the world, while others believe they were overlooked when confidence was being handed out at the time of birth?


You hold yourself back in your career or business and play small 

You worry endlessly about screwing up and failing

You keep sitting on your ideas instead of sharing them with others

You keep second-guessing yourself 

You defer to others instead of expressing yourself 

You avoid taking a risk and then miss out on opportunities

You always think you're not ready and that you need more training or another degree

You keep waiting to be perfect

You have a hard time dealing with stress and anxiety

You people please to seek approval

You feel as if you're just not good enough 


FED-UP with holding yourself back, and feeling under-utilized

TIRED of feeling the stress and strain of insecurity

LONGING to finally feel comfortable in your own skin;

DESIRING to play bigger in your career, life or business;

WISHING you had greater impact and intimacy in your relationships;

YEARNING to be more expressive.

If this is YOU, then you'll LOVE this course!







What You Will Get From This Course

You Will Discover:


  • A deeper understanding of how you’re creating your day to day experience of insecurity or confidence.

  • That confidence is not something we have to create, work on, or exercise like a muscle. It’s not about adding something to complete us. It’s about letting go and uncovering what you already have.

  • That true confidence is not about learning how to be slick, charismatic, showy or flashy. You'll discover that you can be confident even when you fail or screw-up.

  • That confidence is an innate, built-in quality that we all possess (not just a few of the lucky ones!)

  • That you don’t have to spend endless hours trying to manage your insecurity.

  • ​That no person or circumstance has the power to diminish your ability to feel confident.

  • ​​​That true power and freedom are about changing our relationship with anxiety, insecurity, and stress.

  • the misunderstanding that the mainstream world of self-help has not quite realized and that has prevented you from experiencing deep transformation.

What sets us apart from other courses?

"Linda Ford is intense, direct, funny, tender, and a little bit magic. If you’re into mediocrity, choose another coach. If you want your life to be extraordinary--have I got a coach for you--Linda’s your girl".
-DR. MARTHA BECK--New York Times best-selling author and writer for Oprah Magazine..

Be ready! Lana Bastianutti has killer instincts. In the muddle of what is going on in your story, Lana masterfully pulls out, big significant truth. One word: Brilliant.”


Hi, we’re Linda & Lana--and we’re the authors of the #1 Kindle Bestseller, Women and Confidence: The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves. AND, we’re going to revolutionize how you relate to your insecurity.


We are two (fully-recovered) self-help coaches who finally said “Sayonara” to the (well-intentioned) tools, techniques, and strategies that the self-help world teaches. Because in all honesty--we discovered (after 10 years of coaching) that at best, they only offer coping and managing skills, and that they don't really offer a sustainable and long-lasting solution.


And how about you? How many books have you read about how to be more confident? No doubt, your fair share. So why is it then that you’re still struggling with your insecurity? 


We wanted to offer you a course that goes beyond just helping you “cope and manage” your insecurity; a course that reveals how the self-help world is looking in the wrong direction and missing a fundamental understanding of why some people feel confident and others don’t.


This course takes a deep-dive and goes beyond our psychology. It will give you the power to create the deep and lasting transformation that you’ve been looking for. Our course will show you how you can finally break the habit of being your insecure self so that you can have more impact in your work, business, and personal life. 

This course is NOT about...

  • Changing your mindset; 

  • Journal writing; 

  • Mind Hacks

  • Saying affirmations; 

  • Managing your thinking; 

  • Healing your inner child; 

  • Excavating your past; 

  • And it’s definitely NOT about positive thinking. 


Aren’t you tired of doing all that? We’ve all tried that and it doesn’t really work...at least not for long. Isn’t it time to look in a different direction?

What You'll Get From This Program

You Will:

  • others

  • Breakthrough your shyness and timidity, and self doubt.

  • bullet-proof yourself from criticism from others

  • Video 2:  stop worrying about what other people think of you.

  • Video 3: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • Video 4: change the way you see yourself.

  • Video 5: rid yourself of impostor syndrome

  • Free yourself from people-pleasing.

  • Increase your influence and impact in your relationships and career.

  • Communicate with more assertiveness, clarity, and ease.

  • Stop worrying about what others say or think about you.

  • Stop hiding out, hesitating, and playing small in life.

  • Show up in life with presence, power, and impact.

  • Know and trust that who you are is enough.

Overview & Details of Program

  • 6 power-packed modules all video-based so that you can watch in the comfort of your own home;

  • 30 plus videos each geared to take a deep-dive to help you change your relationship with insecurity and have you taking action.

  • 6 live Zoom calls per week for discussion and coaching (all recorded in case you can't attend live).

  • 8  in-depth 1 hour-long interviews with world-renowned psychologists and coaches.



Because we feel passionate and committed to helping you finally transform how you show up in the world. We've been where you are, and what we have to share is the piece that ties everything together and explains how this human experience actually works--how we’re all hard-wired for success.  You’re going to finally make sense of why it’s been difficult for you to break the habit of being your insecure self. This journey will be ordinary and profound, practical and deep and we can’t wait to get started! 

Week 1:  

Introduction and Orientation: Meet your coaches and hear their stories; what's different and important about this course; and how to get the most out of this program. 

Week 2: 

What Exactly is Confidence? The big myth about confidence; how we're all creating our own experience of confidence and insecurity.

Week 3:  

Personality: Who Are you, Anyway? Understanding how our personality traits and habits get formed and how we are not stuck with them. Learn how to effectively break the habit of being our insecure selves.


Week 4:

What's Thought got to do with Confidence?: Understanding the nature and purpose of thought. Do we have to manage our thinking? 


Week 5: 

We're Designed for Success (& Confidence): Understanding how the "equipment" of the mind works; how we get in our own way.

Week 6:

Practical Problems & Solutions: Putting it all together.

  • Taking ACTION when you don't feel like it--what to do when you hesitate.

  • Is IMPOSTER SYNDROME a real thing?

  • Bullet-proof yourself against criticism

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • The curse of people-pleasing

  • Change the way you see yourself



If you sign up now, you'll get a PDF copy of our #1 Kindle Bestseller (this is a limited time offer!)



Lana Bastianutti is a certified coach and co-author of Women and Confidence. She holds a degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Industrial Relations.
Lana obtained her coaching certification from Concordia University and the Brooke Castillo Life Coach School. Lana gained additional coaching accreditation from The Robbins-Mandanes Center founded by Tony Robbins and world-renowned psychotherapist, Cloe Madanes.  She is the co-author of Women and Confidence: The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves.
website: www.lanabcoaching.com



Linda Ford is a certified master coach and co-author of Women & Confidence--The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves.
Linda has been personally trained by Dr. Martha Beck, New York Times best-selling author. She has been steeped in the world of self-help for the past ten years both as a coach and practitioner.  Linda has a master's degree in English and is passionate about helping people know their worth.
website: www.lindafordcoaching.com
"Linda Ford is intense, direct, funny, tender, and a little bit magic. If you’re into mediocrity, choose another coach. If you want your life to be extraordinary--have I got a coach for you--Linda’s your girl".
-DR. MARTHA BECK--New York Times best-selling author and writer for Oprah Magazine..