a brand new way

of dating

How to BE & FIND

an AMAZING partner



If trying to find a great relationship feels daunting, then you need this workshop. It gets

to the heart and soul of true attraction

and authentic love.



Do you have a love-hate relationship with dating, men, and relationships?

Does dating often leave you feeling anxious, disappointed, & lonely? 

Do you doubt you'll ever find someone to share your life with?

Are you fed-up with all the superficial, hoop-jumping & game-playing?


What if you could find a genuine and loving relationship without all the stress and anxiety? 




















This workshop will show you why you don't need to look perfect, lose weight, compete with others, lower your expectations, fake confidence, play hard to get, and give up on your dreams of ever finding real and lasting love. 




We loved your praise & listened carefully and lovingly to your advice on how to make this workshop even better!


And because we value your insights and needs, we have broadened, deepened, and revamped the content and delivery of this workshop to give you the very best experience of how you can confidently generate stunning results in your love life. 

Oh! and did we mention the sprinkling of MAGIC that's been added, too? 


But first, watch the video and see if you can relate!















This online workshop is comprised of FOUR - 90-minute classes over the course of 4 days.


The classes are fun, deep, informative, and interactive. The content is cutting-edge and packed with personal stories, inspiring videos, cheat sheets - all delivered with a sprinkling of magic! 

We've also set aside ample time each day for live Q &A.


The classes will be conducted through the Zoom platform and will be recorded for those of you who can't attend live. 






The secret to being AMAZING - the truth about what makes someone genuinely attractive.


The truth about what's hindering your ability to find an amazing partner.

How to see and understand your patterns and habits of behavior that are getting in your way.


How to show up with confidence and ease instead of feeling needy, anxious, and desperate.


How to attract emotionally available and mature men who also want a relationship.

How to become a natural repellent of narcissists, gaslighters, & co-dependents.

How to get clear and not settle for second-best to what you really want in a partner.

How to not lose yourself in a relationship and still maintain your independence.

How to feel comfortable in your own skin and not have to pretend to be someone else.

















This workshop is for women - young, mature, single, widowed, or divorced - or anyone who is already in a relationship - who wants to show up confidently in the world of dating and relationships,

experience dating in a brand new way, and finally, find an amazing partner. 






Thursday, February 18 @ 1:00 PM eastern  

Friday, February 19 @ 1:00 PM eastern

Thursday, February 25 @ 1:00 PM eastern

Friday, February 26 @ 1:00 PM eastern


Don't forget that all classes will be recorded in case you can't attend live. 

Once you sign up, you'll be emailed information on how to attend. 


A Brand New Way of Dating is for any woman who wants to have a POWERFUL PRESENCE in her relationships.


This workshop offers great insights for women who are either looking to find a great partner or who are already in a relationship.


What I loved most about it is that it encourages you to focus on yourself and not the man, so that you can approach dating and relationships from a position of strength, self-awareness, and self-assurance.

                                                                                                                                                Claire-Louise O. UK                                                                                                



Linda Ford

Master Certified Coach & Co-Author of

Women and Confidence

Linda Ford is intense, direct, funny, tender, and magical! 

If you're into mediocrity choose another coach. If you want your life to be extraordinary, have I got a coach for you!

Dr. Martha Beck - New York Times best-selling author & Oprah's favorite life coach.



Linda has been happily married for 20 years!


Lana Bastianutti

Certified Coach &

Co-Author of

Women and Confidence

Be ready. When working with Lana you will find that she has killer instincts. In the muddle of what is going on in your story, Lana masterfully pulls out, sometimes from seemingly benign information, big significant truth.


Lana’s ability to integrate relevant information she has noted has greatly impacted the depth and outcome of the work I have been able to do with her. One word: Brilliant.

Alexia Camfield, Houston, TX

Lana has been happily married for 28 years!


With Special Guest Speakers

Del Adey-Jones

3 Principles Practitioner & Coach

Del’s course was beyond my expectations! She helped me better understand narcissistic behavior with a tender unpacking of co-dependent behavior so that I didn’t feel shame or embarrassment.  Diana G.


Del is the perfect coach – speaks with a non-judgmental demeanor and can laugh at some of the things she experienced. Her course was very helpful to me and will be to others too.


Susan H.

Del is living happily in a long term relationship!


Dominic Scaffidi

Master Certified, Transformative Coach

Dominic has a deep and practical understanding of the teachings of Abraham-
Hicks; law of attraction; and the the teachings of Sydney Banks (3 Principles). He is also certified as a Transformative Coach through Michael
Neill’s coach academy.


"I felt stuck in my career. Then over six months of working with Dominic, I discovered the true ME. 

This Inside-out transformation affected my life overall, and not just my work. I now have better balance. I achieve more with far less effort, and I am more effective through being  more centered and focused."

Director of Operations, Pharmaceuticals.


Dominc has been happily married for 25 years!


What You Get When You Enroll in

A Brand New Way of Dating: An Overview




If We Don't Go Within - We Go Without:  That's the basic premise of this workshop because it's all about creating a solid foundational core for ourselves - the importance of having a strong and solid sense of who we are and how we operate.  Instead of looking for strategies on HOW to find love, we're going to share with you some Truths that point to how the creation of anything in life WORKS.

We'll dive deep into our true nature, our unique gifts, the importance of self-awareness and self-respect; how we are the creators of our personalities, and our love life. Once you know how something WORKS, you'll be able to break your habits and patterns that are not serving you and create what you do want.

You're also going to discover that the confidence you wish you had more of is actually at your disposal already and that it doesn't come from clothes, beauty, makeup, or from being a size 6.  Isn't that good to know? 



On day two we'll cover the importance of knowing what you really want in a relationship. We'll discuss the pros and cons of list-making and question assumptions of what we think we want in a relationship - how not to miss out on some great relationships.  


We'll be joined by guest speaker, Del Adey Jones who will discuss how to avoid men who behave badly - how to identify the "red flags" of narcissism, gaslighting, and co-dependency, and why some women are attracted to these men. We'll dive deep into the need to people-please at the expense of our own needs, and how not to lose yourself in a relationship.

You're going to learn how to connect and turn-up the volume of your inner-wisdom - your own built-in GPS.



Day Three is all about The Law of Attraction and how it plays out in relationships. Dominic Schaffidi, who is our guest speaker and law of attraction expert, will share how our desire for a relationship is already known by the Universe. How many of you have been “Asking” for a while. And that when you ask it is given. Instantly. You'll learn how to ‘allow’ and ‘receive’ that which you’ve been asking for.  

In this module, we explore how the Universe already knows what you want in a relationship. Every single detail. You may not know it and you may be confused. But infinite intelligence is clear about your ideal relationship. 

You'll discover how it's your job to "realize" what you want rather than "figure out" what you want. Once you discover how to BE in harmony with your desire - the relationship can come to you.  You'll dive deep into what it means to be in alignment with your desire? What does it mean to "allow" what you've asked for to manifest? You won't want to miss this class! 



Day four uncovers and addresses the most common issues women deal with in relationships; boundaries, rejection, and disagreements. We'll reveal how your state of mind impacts your ability to attract a relationship and how the language you use, in turn, impacts your state of mind. We'll also show you how both state of mind and language are directly connected to the law of attraction.


And finally, we take a dive deep into the difference between living life as an 'amateur' who feels like a stressed-out victim in a loveless circumstance and a 'PRO' who takes full responsibility for intentionally creating and responding to life. We show you how to move out of the habit of living as an Amateur and step into life as a Pro. This last understanding encompasses all of the lessons of the previous days so that you can confidently step into the world of dating and relationships with an empowering set of tools, understandings, and insights. 

What folks are saying about  A Brand New Way of Dating                                                        

debby-hudson-jcc8sxK2Adw-unsplash (1).jp


Day four covers topics such as the need for boundaries, how to practically respond and deal with rejection, and how to see them as your friend. You'll also gain some new insights about the importance of mindset and language and how they are connected to the law of attraction.


We dive deep into what it's going to take for you to stop living like an amateur - a stressed-out victim of your loveless circumstances - and instead, show up in life as a PRO - to understand how your life is unfolding the way it is - to know how to get out of your own way? And how living as a PRO is a game-changer for anyone intent on creating the life you want. 



This interview with Dr. Sonia Wright is one you won't want to miss!


Dr. Sonia Wright is a board-certified radiologist, a sexual counselor, and a certified life coach (not to mention she’s also worked in a sex toy store).


She helps women own their sexuality, rediscover their libido and restore the sexual intimacy in their relationships.




Make sure you reserve your spot as this workshop is limited to 30 women only!

Group of Women Happiness Cheerful Concep

Finding the right partner in life begins with really looking at yourself & knowing who you really are.


This workshop was informative, interesting, and FUN. The concepts weren't new to me but I found the delivery offered some fresh perspectives which will be helpful for me in my coaching and my life.

- Judy Narkies

This workshop was an amazing value and full of useful practical information delivered by women who share their years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom in such a loving and kind way. I gained so many insights and would highly recommend this workshop to women no matter their personal relationship situation.


- Andrea 

Lana and Linda were excellent facilitators who made the workshop both fun and insightful with their positive energy. The tools they shared can help any woman who wants to own their confidence and stay aligned with what they want.




A rare interview that Linda & Lana conducted with Michael Neill, the internationally acclaimed coach and best-selling author of The Inside-out Revolution.  

Listen in as Michael shares his insights on Confidence, Insecurity, and how to break the habit of our insecure selves.  

What are folks saying about A Brand New Way of Dating?

As women, we show up in life with our unique and beautiful varieties.

We want you to believe that there is someone out there that's just right for you and who is also trying to find you!


But first, you have to get yourself ready for them. 

This workshop will help you get ready!


IMAGINE IF... could turn this whole dating thing around and start thinking of yourself, men, & dating in a BRAND NEW WAY? 

This important workshop will help you love, value, & respect yourself - to become your own best friend - so that you can find a partner who does the same.

I loved all of this workshop, especially when Linda and Lana shared real life examples. They were also able to demystify a lot of my questions and provide real clarity. Also, the way the facilitators were able to use lightness and humor around some touchy subjects provided real relief.


If you want to deepen your understanding of dating and relationships, I highly encourage you to take this course.

                                                                                                              - Lotem Porat



Some Final Words

Enroll Now: $129

Make sure you reserve your spot as this workshop is limited to 30 women only!