The Gentle Art of Speaking Boldly

 For Those Who Hold Themselves Back

Amplify Your Voice, Visibility, & Influence

Finally! A workshop that offers a revolutionary and cutting-edge solution to help you change your relationship with insecurity and fear
and become a speaker who is 


A workshop for the Shy, Scared, & Softly Spoken

who want to Amplify their Voice, Visibility, and Influence in the World

Have You Ever Wondered Why Some People Have the Ability to:

  • Present to large groups of people with confidence.

  • Persuade others of their ideas.

  • Confidently ask their boss for a raise or promotion.

  • Stand up and speak up unabashedly and express what they believe.

  • Know how to engage an audience.

  • Confront difficult conversations.

  • Get people to pay attention and listen to them.

And they do all of this with ...

                    Confidence, Courage, Clarity, Charisma, and Impact?

Turning Everyday Speakers into Powerful Communicators

And then there are others who:


  • Feel anxious and nervous when they have to speak.

  • Shy away from unpleasant conversations.

  • Avoid speaking in public for fear of being criticized.

  • Allow their ideas and voice to be drowned out by others.

  • Sit on their ideas instead of sharing them.

  • Suffer from performance anxiety.

  • Avoid any kind of self-promotion.

  • Feel unheard and invisible.

What's the SECRET that Makes Some People Stand Out?

What allows some people to show up with ease and confidence? What's their secret? Is it because they were born that way?

The answer is YES. But so were you!

That quality they possess is PRESENCE. Because it's not just WHAT you say, but it's the ENERGY you bring to it, and it's at the heart of all powerful communication.

Speaking With Impact is Integral to Our SUCCESS

Without a doubt, there is a strong connection between how we communicate and how successful we are in our relationships, career, or business. Makes sense, doesn't it? People who are eloquent, confident, inspiring, who speak with integrity, tend to stand out from the crowd. They are seen and heard.

This workshop is about helping you bring your voice to life so that you can speak confidently and boldly in any situation without feeling shy, intimidated, embarrassed, or scared. And more importantly, get the attention you desire.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Speaking Programs?

Most workshops on public speaking and presentation skills offer techniques and tools that address body language, breathing, tone of voice, and voice projection. 

We compare these techniques to the icing and sprinkles on a cupcake--all very useful and necessary. But in and of themselves, they have no real power or validity. They need a solid and grounded foundation on which to sit--they need the support of the cake. That foundation is about your ability to exude PRESENCE.


Techniques are great, but if you don't have PRESENCE people will get bored, you'll lose your credibility and become invisible.

This workshop will not only give you the icing and sprinkles, but also the "cake". It's what makes one speaker appear ordinary and boring and another speak with authority, eloquence, influence, power, and impact.

We're going to take a deep dive. We'll go behind the scenes, so to speak, of why we lack confidence, hideout from sharing our message; and why we sometimes suffer from imposter syndrome.


You will learn how to change your relationship with all of this. We're going to give you the cake with all the trimmings.

What You Will Get From This Program

You Will:

  • Discover YOUR voice.

  • Communicate with confidence.

  • Increase your influence and impact.

  • Speak with clarity and ease.

  • Become the person other people want to listen to.

  • Breakthrough your shyness and timidity.

  • Stop hiding out and play small.

  • Learn how your voice works.

  • Use stress and nervousness to your advantage.

  • Improve your vocal tone, pitch, and pace.​

  • Avoid being breathy, too salesy, forced, nervous, loud, or aggressive.​​

  • Change your relationship with your insecure and shy self forever.

  • Show up with presence, power, and visibility​.

Who is This Program For?

We welcome coaches, executives, artists, healers, salespeople, and anyone in the helping professions who are struggling to be seen and heard, who have a habit of hiding out when it comes to speaking, and who have a desire to communicate with greater impact and reach a wider audience. 

What This is NOT
  • Forget about positive thinking, changing your mindset, writing affirmations, & the endless task of analyzing and managing your thinking! 
  • This workshop is NOT about working harder on ourselves, following yet another behavioral strategy, or applying yet another 7 or 10 steps.​


  • This is NOT your typical workshop where we spend hours analyzing our limiting beliefs, behaviors, history, or work at changing our mindset.


  • And this is NOT about positive thinking.


  • It is also NOT the intention of this program to have you engage or perform any exercises that will cause you to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Overview & Details of Program

This 6-week program includes both videos and weekly 90-minute live zoom calls.  Each week you will be emailed 3 short videos to watch in the comfort of your own home. And once a week you will be invited to join us for a live 90-minute zoom call to discuss the videos. If you miss the live calls, they will be recorded so that you can listen in your own time.

Dates: September 1st -- October 15th, 2019 (6 weeks). 


Week 1:  

Introduction and Orientation: Meet your coaches and how to get the most out of this program. 

Perception & the Problem of Being Invisible: Discover why some people get all the attention while others remain invisible; why some people seem to have that special "thing" when speaking. and others fall flat. Learn how we are creating our experience of confidence and insecurity.

Week 2: 

Presence & Persuasion: They're the secret sauce of all great speakers. What is presence? How do we get it? What gets in the way of us having presence? How do we truly persuade others? Gain insights about connecting with your audience


Week 3: 

Personality Perpetuation: Understanding how our personality traits and habits get formed and how we are not stuck with them. Learn how to effectively break the habit of being our insecure selves.


Week 4: 

Problems: Learn how to deal with stress, fear, and nerves, and humiliation. How to handle difficult audiences and "off the cuff "questions and memory lapses; 

Week 5: 

Practical Presenting:  The icing and sprinkles: Pitch, tone, voice projection, body language, breathing, techniques to empower you.

Week 6:

Pathways Forward: Putting it all together for powerful communication in business and life. What have you discovered about your uniqueness, and how you show up? 


Lana Bastianutti is a certified coach and co-author of Women and Confidence. She holds a degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Industrial Relations.
Lana obtained her coaching certification from Concordia University and the Brooke Castillo Life Coach School. Lana gained additional coaching accreditation from The Robbins-Mandanes Center founded by Tony Robbins and world-renowned psychotherapist, Cloe Madanes.  She is the co-author of Women and Confidence: The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves.

“Be ready! Lana has killer instincts. In the muddle of what is going on in your story, Lana masterfully pulls out, big significant truth. One word: Brilliant.”


Linda Ford is a certified master coach and co-author of Women & Confidence--The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves.
Linda has been personally trained by Dr. Martha Beck, New York Times best-selling author. She has been steeped in the world of self-help for the past ten years both as a coach and practitioner.  Linda has a master's degree in English and is passionate about helping people know their worth.
"Linda Ford is intense, direct, funny, tender, and a little bit magic. If you’re into mediocrity, choose another coach. If you want your life to be extraordinary--have I got a coach for you--Linda’s your girl".
-DR. MARTHA BECK--New York Times best-selling author and writer for Oprah Magazine..

Authors of #1 Kindle Bestseller

Angela Durrant is one of the UK's top vocal and performance coaches and has been described as "the secret weapon behind many Welsh artists and speakers, 
She is a regular contributor to the BBC Radio and she works with coaches, managers, leaders, and companies who want to have more impact and visibility in their speaking.

"The day I spent with Angela, at the risk of sounding cheesy, was mind-blowing"

Liz Tobin Director Gingersnap Consulting

"Angela teased out what sets me apart from the competition--I now have an array of anecdotes and signature talks in my back pocket ready for any speaking date. I’ve increased my profits from speaking by 500%."     


Miranda Bishop Director Talking Social Media]

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