When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them, I help women become more confident so that they can get on with what they want to accomplish in the world.


But what I really want to say is...


I help women experience the exhilarating freedom of being themselves so that their gifts and talents can find expression in the world--so that they get to be the best version of themselves.


Which really means...




Hi, I'm Linda Ford, I’m a certified master coach, author, and teacher. And I have a soft spot for smart, talented, and brilliant 

women, who despite all of that, continue to hold themselves back in their work; continue to second-guess their ideas instead of

sharing them; and who hide out in life because they never feel good enough.


My clients come to me because they feel frustrated, exhausted, fed-up, and feel under-utilized because they finally understand

that the only thing that's getting in the way of the things they want to achieve is their insecurity.


These are women who want to make a contribution in their work; they want to have a thriving business; they want to move upward and stand 

out in their careers. More than anything, they want to feel comfortable in their own skin. I know these women and their problems intimately

because I used to be one of them.


Street Cred

I have a master’s degree in English and I have spent decades steeped in the world of self-help both as a practitioner and as a coach. I was

personally trained by one of the best in the business, Dr. Martha Beck, New York Times, best-selling author (you may have seen her hang

out with Oprah). I am one of her master coaches. I have also co-authored a new book called:

Women and Confidence, The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves.


I've been blogging for the past eight years with a regular column at Huffington Post, and have also been featured in Elephant Journal &

Simple Reminders


Walk My Talk

I have endless examples of how I would hold myself back from taking action; how I would sit on my ideas instead of sharing them; how I

would always feel as if I needed more education and training in order to “launch” myself; how I would always defer to men (and women) and

not speak up at meetings; how I would stay in dysfunctional relationships because I didn't have the confidence to speak my truth.


Today, I still have the occasional insecure thought (that's normal), but it doesn't stop me from creating videos, speaking publically, writing

blog posts, and putting myself and my work out into the world. I love the FREEDOM of that.


Curious to Know More?

I’ve always been deeply curious about the human potential--why some people get to be expressive, successful, confident, and creative,

while others struggle and hardly ever feel comfortable in their own skin.


I once felt so insecure in a job that I ran away during my lunch break, never to return.


My insecurity (and shame) about my extra weight got in the way of me going public as a coach for many years. I wasted so much time

feeling insecure when I could have been thriving in my business.


The times when I’ve felt the most unhappy in my life have always been when I held myself back, not expressed myself, and feared what

others would think of me.


I believe that true happiness is knowing your worth.


I'm a Brit, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I've lived in England and Australia and now live in the US. My accent is a melting pot of all of 

these places. My home now is in Rockport, Massachusetts--a beautiful seacoast town forty miles north of Boston, where I live with my 

husband, Tim, and dogs Scout & sweet Suzie.

We all have the chance of a lifetime right now to show up, speak out, share our ideas, connect with others, and do that thing we long to do.
Don't let insecure thinking stop you. The world needs your voice.