get ready to make 2022 the epic year your coaching business takes off! 

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So, you've decided that you want to become a transformative coach,  More than anything, you want everyone on this planet to wake up to their true potential -  you want people to know w.ho they really are – how life really works. AND you also want to create a coaching business that's both rewarding and soul-satisfying - one where you get to stand out and be seen, attract clients, and make money.  

BUT...when it comes to growing your business and making that happen online, you feel overwhelmed and confused by the world of marketing, messaging and sales - and then there's the fact that you're sinking in an online tech quicksand! 


Either way, all of it stops you, closes you down, and even though you may have received some coach training and certification, you lack the confidence to put yourself out there. 


And even when you do promote your services, no one pays attention,  you hear crickets, and clients are not lining up to hire you.  That's when procrastination sets in, and before you know it, your dream of being a coach gets buried in a sea of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. And you doubt whether you're really cut out for business. And the thought of having to go back to the grind of getting a regular job looms heavy over you. 

What if there was a better and easier way of building a business - one without all the overwhelm?

LIFT OFF is a program that will finally get you up and running and help you stand out and be seen. You're going to get clarity about who is your ideal client (yes! you need to niche down) and what you are actually offering (selling) people (yes! remember you are in business). You're also going to learn how to talk to and communicate powerfully with your people so that they actually buy your services.


LIFT OFF is also for those who want to create a business where you get to lead with your soul.  It's for those who want to ditch sleazy sales manipulation tactics and avoid looking phony and instead show up with integrity and authenticity - it's a business model that allows your inner wisdom and intuition to guide you - a business that's aligned with your soul.

LIFT OFF is also downright practical! We're going to teach you the nuts and bolts of how to set up and put in place the essential marketing strategies that every business needs - things like having a clear marketing message, a way to get clients to follow you, how to have a sales conversation, and much much more...


LIFT OFF is a program that's designed with both strategy and soul in mind. Business strategies alone do not guarantee success and neither does spending your days doing deep inner work. But when you put these two things together - BINGO! You have a winning formula. 


LIFT OFF is where Soul Meets Strategy



Does this sound like you?

You're tired of winging it in your business.

You lack clarity about who your ideal client is.

You don't know how to find clients.

The tech part overwhelms and closes you down.

You struggle with trying to explain your core message.

You agonize with not knowing what to do and when.


You struggle with self-doubt about your worth and how you can serve people. 


You're still trying to give yourself permission to have both feet in your business? 

You hold yourself back from putting yourself out there.

You are always signing up for freebies hoping they will help you.

You're forever throwing spaghetti at the wall because nothing is happening and you’re hoping something - anything - will stick. 

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If you recognize yourself in this list, don't despair - it's not your fault -

LIFT OFF has come to your rescue. 

How the LIFT OFF program works

  • Participants will join a weekly 90-minute LIVE Zoom Call - all calls will be recorded. These calls are a combination of strategic instruction AND  an opportunity to be coached personally by Linda and Anke on and your struggles and blocks.


  • Each week focuses on a different topic and builds progressively throughout the weeks.

  • The curriculum is supported by weekly PDF documents that will be emailed to you with integration exercises and templates.

  • In order to keep up with the program, participants should expect to work on homework assignments for an additional one hour per week.

what you're going to learn.
The rocket fuel to get you READY TO STAND OUT & BE SEEN


DISRUPT YOURSELF - How to break the habit of being your your insecure or uncommitted self. Starting a business shines a light on our fears, & limiting beliefs about who we think we are and what we believe we are capable of achieving. Starting a business requires that we let the old self that tells us we don't have what it takes, fall away. It's about trusting that we are not stuck with our personality constraints because the old self is just not going to cut it when you're being called to put yourself out there and promote yourself.

Disrupting yourself also means that you acknowledge you're in a Divine partnership in your business- that you're business has the best CEO one could ever ask for - Universal Intelligence. You'll learn how to align yourself with your divine partner and how to become an open channel for greater creativity, productivity, and abundance. 


FINDING YOUR SOUL’S NICHE  -  Identifying a powerful niche is the most important foundational piece of your business. Without a targeted niche your messaging lacks clarity and connection. What is your business? Who do you most want to serve? What issues are you most drawn to? What have you “seen” that you could share with others - What is unique to you? Niching down will allow you to position yourself to have more impact. When you try to coach everyone, you coach no one.


CLEAR AND POWERFUL MESSAGING - You're going to learn how to write a clear marketing message that describes succinctly what your client is struggling with and what they urgently WANT. This is the piece that most coaches get all wrong which is why they never attract clients. 


KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SELLING-  What is your signature offer and service?  

Whether you want to do one-on-one coaching, mastermind groups, or you want to create a program where you get to coach and teach, it's important to know what the "package" is.  


HOW TO CREATE A FREEBIE - A freebie is a powerful way of starting a conversation with potential clients and collecting their email addresses - every coach should have one. We're going to show you a quick and simple idea for a freebie and how to set it up on your website (the tech stuff). 



HOW TO FIND CLIENTS - The million-dollar question!  We're going to show you 5 powerful ways to get clients. Includes the dos and don'ts of how to use social media, the importance of building relationships; Putting yourself out there - podcasts, interviews; Facebook groups.  Creating engaging content. 



DEMYSTIFYING SELLING - You'll change your relationship with selling and asking for money. You'll discover that it's as simple as meeting people, telling them how you can help them.  be prepared with how to handle objections.



MAKING THE DECISION TO GO PRO- How to give yourself permission to go full out and also get support from family members. How to prioritize your business and yourself - developing a work ethic that attracts clients and has impact. What's it going to take to DISRUPT YOURSELF?



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