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Are you fed-up with letting insecurity, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome hold you back? 

Are you tired of caring what other people think?

Is a lack of confidence getting in the way of the life you want? 


Then you’re EXACTLY where you need to be.


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This is one of the most powerful and life-changing courses I have ever taken. I feel blessed and privileged to have had access to such wisdom and to have gained so many new insights."


                                                                                                                                         - Claire-Louise Osorio, Freelance Translator/Interpreter



These are great questions to ask! But don’t be fooled into thinking that there’s something special or unique about confident people or that you were overlooked when confidence was being handed out at birth.


That’s one of the biggest myths AND TRAPS a lot of people buy into. Yes, some people are born feeling confident. But so were you! Somewhere along the way, you just abandoned the idea.


You may not be buying into that right now, and that’s OK because you’ve found your way to this course! And that’s great news because what this course offers is a fresh, innovative, and cutting-edge approach that will revolutionize your relationship with insecurity and confidence once and for all.

Whether you're looking to experience more confidence in your business, career, or relationships, this course will empower you to show up in all areas of your life with greater impact. And who doesn’t want that?











  • Feel comfortable in your own skin and are eager to share your ideas.

  • Stop worrying so much about being judged and criticized by others.

  • No longer feel like an impostor but a valuable contributor.

  • Communicate with less stress, more ease, clarity, and power.

  • Feel comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.


                          It's nice to imagine, but the truth is you can achieve all of this!






A professional woman who wants to have a greater IMPACT in your career and break the habit of not speaking up in meetings, deferring to others, and getting caught up in the people-pleasing trap.


A coach or soloprenuer who needs to sell and market her services, charge what she's worth, and stop playing small without hesitation. 

A mom who has raised her kids and wants to reinvent herself, but keeps doubting, hesitating, and second-guessing herself.

A single or divorced woman who wants to start dating again, and wants to stop settling for second best in a partner.

Any woman who is fed up with feeling insecure and realizes that it gets in the way of the life she wants to create. 

Women who want to stop sitting on their ideas and feeling anxious about being seen & heard.


The course is superbly designed to pull back the curtains of what confidence is and how it's actually an inherent part of our true nature. This course lovingly disrupts what looks to be a real of a lack of confidence. I have come away with a deeper understanding of my true nature and how the mind works. I now have a more playful attitude than I ever thought possible and all within 7 weeks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Carina L. UK​


This is a 7-week online course that you can take in the comfort of your own home.

There are 7 power-packed modules that are all video-based. All you have to do is watch the videos in one module each week--expected time commitment per week is approximately 90 minutes. 


There is one live 90 minute Q & A-Zoom call for discussion and coaching each Wednesday at 2:00 PM eastern time (all calls are recorded in case you can't attend live).



Michael Neill, internationally best-selling author and coach

The Inside-out Revolution

Dr. Amy Johnson, author & coach

 The Little School of Big Change

Barbara Patterson,

Executive coach

Linda Pransky, coach

Pransky & Associates


Nicola Bird, author & coach

A Little Peace of Mind


Sandy Krot, executive coach

Invisible Power Inc.

This course also includes insightful interviews with leading experts.

(You won't want to miss this!)



Seeing Confidence

in a New Way

Module 1 - Introduction

  • Our personal journey from insecurity to confidence - what changed for us.

  • Seeing confidence in a new way - we've been looking in the wrong direction.

  • How to get the most out of this program because what we share is different.


The Big Myth About


Module 2 - What the heck is confidence, anyway?

  • Breaking the BIG MYTH about confidence and why it changes everything.

  • what makes some people more confident than others? What do they know that you don't?


  • What is creating your experience of insecurity or confidence?

  • Why do you sometimes feel confident and not feel confident?


What Creates our


Module 3 - Personality & who are you, really?

  • What if your personality is made up? And what if you could make it up again?


  • How to not take yourself so seriously (and other people).

  • If you're not your personality, then who are you?

  • Breaking the habit of being your insecure self.

The Power of


Module 4 - What's thought got to do with it?

  • Is thought your friend or foe? Recognizing the true power of thoughts and feelings.

  • Why you don't have to manage your thoughts or feelings.

  • What are feelings and what to do with them?

  • Understanding that fear and insecurity will always be there, and why that's OK.


We're Designed for Success

Module 5 - Designed for success

  • How to get out of our own way by understanding how the mind works.

  • Why managing your thoughts and feelings only makes things worse!

  • Finding the calm within when you don't feel confident.

  • The downside of when insecurity hangs around too long.


Module 6 - Problems & practical solutions

  • How INSIGHT leads to lasting change and has nothing to do with DISCIPLINE.

  • The power of taking action and getting comfortable with fear and anxiety.

  • How to not let your physical appearance stop you from doing stuff.

  • How to confidently screw up and make mistakes.


Bonus Materials

Module 7 - Bonus materials

  • Final reflections

  • How to snap out of insecurity when you most need to.

  • How to care less about what others think about you and put an end to people-pleasing.

  • The power of what you say and how it determines your experience.

Problems &




This course came at a critical time in my life when I was reluctantly considering going back to traditional therapy.  From the very first video, I was convinced to try something new in my life--to return to my true self, with all its inherent knowledge and clarity. Linda and Lana, through their positive and gentle style, led me the way back to a place within myself that is naturally confident and blended with Universal wisdom. What did I have to do? Just get out of my intellect!

It seems simple and I have heard it before. But, somehow these two women convinced even skeptical me that this is really the only way that will work! And, trust me...I have tried it all! I am just starting on my journey "back to me", and feel I can do it with their support and guidance that doesn't end when I finish watching the last video.


                                                                                                                                              - Andrea C, Psychologist

What's Different About this Course?

We get it. Trying to find the right course can be daunting. There are too many choices and you're overwhelmed with all of the noise. Why wouldn't you be confused? 


There are over 60,000 books on confidence listed on, it begs the question: if people are actually reading these books, then why are they still suffering from insecurity? Clearly, something isn’t working.

There is no shortage of great content and information in these books and courses. If information alone was the thing that created change then we'd all be able to shed our insecurity by consuming that information. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

Information will only get you so far--at best you'll get some good coping and managing skills. And so, we wanted to offer you a course that takes a much deeper dive into the issue--that goes beyond just helping you “cope and manage” your insecurity--we're going to take you below the tip of the iceberg, below your thoughts and feelings.


You'll get lots of great information AND you'll get the personal support that will keep you fully engaged in the work and where you're actually going to experience the shift you've been looking for.

In this course, you’re finally going to understand the piece that’s been missing all along in your self-help journey--the piece that ties everything together and explains how this human experience actually works--the piece that leads to a world where you don’t have to imagine what it feels like to be confident but actually experience true transformation.




Read Some of the RAVE Reviews About Our Course



If you’re insecure or introverted and you worry what people think about you, then this course is for you. Linda and Lana take you by the hand and share a new understanding that will change the way you think about insecurity and confidence forever. The interviews with top experts will flood you with insights about your own life and allow you to look at who you really are and more importantly, who you are not.


Lisa T - Perth, Australia - Mature Occupational Therapy Student, Australia

This course has taken me to a new level of understanding of how the mind works. Lana and Linda made us feel so comfortable whenever we shared our personal struggles. They also answered our questions and were helpful and honest when we needed to see the truth about something that was troubling us. THANK YOU, Lana and Linda, for being so accomodating and compassionate.


Patty S - USA


Before taking the course, I was depressed, struggling to find a job, and was too scared to speak up and let my voice and ideas be known. It felt like a hopeless situation. I’m beyond happy to say I’m also putting myself out there more and taking more chances in terms of my career. Linda and Lana are great teachers and coaches, and they make you realize the deeper meaning of true confidence in a whole new way. I also loved being a part of a group and learning from my peers, and realizing that we are all the same, which helped me to dismantle some of my ‘inadequacies’. I am extremely impressed with the attention, dedication and care that Lana and Linda paid me. This course and its content is incredibly important for anyone suffering from insecurity.   


Brunna P  - UK

There are people who come into our life, and for whom we are forever changed by them. Lana and Linda have done this for me! They are warm, kind, curious, and engaging, and they have an uncanny ability to move you from complexity to simplicity and to a life free of limitations and full of new possibilities. I would highly recommend to course to anyone who is wanting to feel more confident. 


Carmen A -  Management Consultant & Leadership Coach, Houston

What Linda and Lana share in this course is the freedom of the inside-out understanding of our thoughts and emotions and how it will improve all our relationships including the one with yourself. Freedom of thought is waiting for you right around the corner, and it will make ALL the difference to your life. I highly recommend this course.


Malin Andersson - Co-Founder and Head of Business Development

I want to thank both Lana and Linda for an insightful, and thought-provoking 7 weeks. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, you realize how much overthinking we do, to self-sabotage ourselves. The course was very eye-opening and I welcomed doing the work on myself. That's not to say that I won't have negative or un-empowering thoughts. I just think that I will understand them better and not let them "paralyze" me as they might have done in the past.

Mandy S

This course made me see on a much deeper level that confidence is innate in all of us. Lana and Linda’s enthusiasm and trust in this conversation were infectious. The coaching calls were open and honest--just wonderful! And the interviews with other experts in this field added a depth that is hard to put into words. Brilliant!


Janet Hill - Accountant

I am so happy I took this course. It was very helpful. I found it supportive, helpful, insightful and informative. For me right now, the support is so important so I don't feel alone. Thank you, Lana and Linda, for providing this wonderful experience.


Sarah M - Self-employed, USA

I was so caught up in my thinking and allowing my thoughts to consume me that I lost the once confident me. this course has given me a new positive outlook on life and has restored my confidence within myself both in the workplace and in my personal life. Through this course, I was able to discover and find the real me who was always there. This new way of thinking has changed my outlook on life and I'm grateful for this empowering experience.

Natalie V - UK

What a great course this is! This course was not only filled with great content and powerful metaphors, but there were also so many personal stories, interviews with the best in the 3P community, as well as weekly live webinars.  Linda and Lana are both so warm and caring and you can feel their genuine engagement in our progress every step of the way. I can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their personal leadership to a whole new level in a safe space that enables you to do just that.


Suzanne Lang - Sweden


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If you're still not sure whether this course is right for you, we'd like to share with you one last thing - a special 4 part video series on how we radically changed our relationship with insecurity, once and for all!