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The big buzzword today is AUTHENTICITY. It's everywhere. Everyone wants it. Whether you're a coach, solopreneur, or anyone who is in search of a relationship, we're told to strive to be more authentic because it's going to help us attract clients and quality relationships.

But what does it really mean to be AUTHENTIC? And how many of us are truly authentic?

As I look back on my life, I can see how there were so many times when I was inauthentic. It's not that I woke up some days and said: I'm going to be inauthentic today. My fakeness was innocent and was used to help me get by in life.

My lack of authenticity showed up in the form of a lot of people-pleasing, I would pretend that I agreed with someone (when I didn't) just to get them to like me or not leave me. I was so intent on making everyone around me happy that I'd put my own true feelings aside and lose myself. And it was in that moment that was INAUTHENTIC.

My fakeness also showed up in not telling the truth to my partner that I was not in love anymore - and that I wanted to leave. My inability to speak my truth was INAUTHENTIC.

A lack of authenticity also shows up in more subtle ways. Consider the online and offline version of ourselves where we airbrush our photos, color our hair to hide the grey, wear makeup to hide how we really look or upload photographs of ourselves that were taken ten years ago when we were thinner and younger-looking. All very innocent! But nevertheless, inauthentic.

We are living in a time when honor and character are so important. We see so many people, politicians, and companies who have a list of values but don't live up to them.

Just imagine if we showed up in life (online) in full alignment with our highest values? That the person others get to see and interact with is the real deal - the version of you that's honest, unashamed, fearless, insecure, not perfect, but comfortable in your own skin. What if there was no discrepancy? There would be no imposter syndrome, no fear of being found out.

People can smell and sniff you out, and no amount of Chanell Number 5 will ever be able to disguise what's going on with you. We're living in an energetic world. What would it take for you to show up in life and be fully seen?

If you want to be highly magnetic and stand out and be fully seen - figure out who you are and what you value and practice honoring them daily, and know that there is a power when you show up as your true self.

You don't have to try to be AUTHENTIC. All you have to do is drop into the moment - drop all the fearful mind chatter about how others are perceiving you, or if they'll like or love you, or how you'd like others to see you -

Be where you are in the moment. All you have to do is BE.




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