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If there’s one thing I want YOU, my reader, to know - it’s this:

If we ever get the opportunity to hang out on a Zoom call, or if you ever decide to work with me -

I will never ever buy into or agree with your story – your reasons – your excuses - that you don’t think you can create the results you want for your business or life.

I will never indulge your story that you don’t have what it takes – that you’re not business-minded enough, confident enough, extroverted enough, or talented enough, ready enough, or whatever excuse you are holding on to that diminishes you and your power - to believe that you can create a coaching business.

NOPE – I will never go there!

Because here’s the thing – I know you’re a great coach and that there are people out there in the world who need you to help them in life. Yes, people need your help.

Whether it’s relationship issues, marriage, body image, victimhood, health issues, being stuck, insecurity, or their fear of being seen and heard – your ability to coach and teach, your wisdom, experience, and your own personal story is needed more than ever.

So many of you have been on a self-development and spiritual journey for a long, long, time. You know so much. And yet you still don’t think you’re ready to put yourselves out there. You’re still waiting for something. You’re still waiting to feel like you’re enough.

I am not going to buy into your story that you’re not ready.

You are ready –

You may be feeling overwhelmed with finding clients, writing copy, what to do with funnels, webinars, how to do videos… the list goes on.

So there are a few skill-sets to learn -so what? You just need a little help tweaking and fine-tuning things. These are things you can get done. You can learn this stuff. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Don’t let these things stop you from putting yourself out there. Your potential clients are suffering so much more than you are – they need you.

Don’t forget you are a coach – get out of your own way and be of service. Do whatever it takes.

And if you need help with ...

getting clear on your message,

how to find clients,

how to write posts that get your client’s attention, or

how to get really clear who you should be working with,

then take a look at my latest offer. I'm offering a simple and affordable solution to some essential skill-sets that will help you take the handbrake off and get going.

Do whatever it takes. Quit waiting. Take that first step.

Do whatever it takes.

The world needs you.



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