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For those of you who are new to my newsletter and to me, and for those of you who need a refresh and update, I thought you would appreciate what I have to say this week.

I’ve been coaching for over a decade and even though my work is about helping others get unstuck and get clarity about their lives, I too have been on my own personal journey of defining and refining who I am, what matters most to me, and what exactly is my work in the world.

I'm a relationship coach. I’ve coached women who are trying to find their soulmate, or who are in a difficult relationship and can’t decide whether to stay or leave. I’ve coached women who struggle in their relationships with friends, co-workers, or their boss.

I can only speak, write, and coach from experience – otherwise, I have nothing of value or substance to share with you. And so, if you were to ask me what one message I would want to share with others it would be this:

Developing a loving and honest relationship – coming clean - with yourself is the thing that matters most because it has the power to open up your ENTIRE LIFE – a serendipitous life that wields magic, abundance, opportunity, and joy.

That's a pretty lofty claim to make, but it's one I would have no problem shouting out with a megaphone from a rooftop. I may not be a fully self-realized lover of self, but I can promise you that when I took the time to clean-up my relationship with myself, before all others - when I learned to love myself first - my ENTIRE life changed.

That journey of coming clean with the self is a difficult door to open, let alone walk through. It is not for the lazy or the complacent. It’s not for the browsers or the intellectual readers and observers; it’s not for those who just want to dabble and pick up a few tips here and there about how to make things better, and neither is it for the fearful or hesitant ones.

And so the thing is – as I keep doing my work, I’ve discovered that I’m here for those of you who are more scared and terrified of living a life where you feel powerless, impotent, and ineffectual to create the life you really want - people who are more terrified of a life that keeps repeating the same old patterns, the same old joyless feelings. A life that never changes. I’m here for those of you who want to heal yourself and who are determined to put your dog days behind you and experience a life of magic.

I am here for those people.

And so, if this is NOT you – if you’re still willing to hang on to the relationships in your life that steal your power - relationships that cause you to hemorrhage your health, vitality, creativity, and prosperity – if you really want to keep it this way – then kudos to you. I wish you well, my friend. You may even want to unsubscribe from this newsletter.

But if you are someone who aspires to get your power back or wants to know how to stop driving through life with the handbrake on, it would be a damn good idea to come closer, reach out, get coached, and together we’ll wield some amazing magic and learn the secret of how to turn lead into gold.

All you need is the courage to knock on that door and walk through it. Because once you do - like I did - you're going to discover that there are other doors - doors you never even knew existed. But these will be doors of opportunity.

Are you ready?

For all new subscribers, it’s been nice meeting you!

Where to begin? Grab your FREE copy of my new guide: 7 Ways to become truly desirable and get your dream relationship. A game-changer for any woman who wants to ignite their magnetism.



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