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OR... how to unapologetically promote yourself without squirming!


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Throughout my 15 years of coaching women, I’ve met so many women who are talented, highly skilled, wise, and even brilliant, and yet one of the biggest issues they have is around self-promotion – they lack confidence when it comes to sharing their strengths, capabilities, and services.

So many women (and I used to be one of them), feel uncomfortable talking about their accomplishments and how skilled they are in their work. Self-promotion is seen as icky, egotistical, salesy, uncouth and unfeminine. We women are so overly concerned with being liked. This is especially true for women who are trying to run an online business. So many are afraid to put themselves “out there.”

And it’s because so many women shy away from self-promotion that they don’t stand out and get noticed – they don’t get the recognition or impact they deserve in their work. And even more infuriating is to see other less qualified people who have love to promote themselves, get all the attention.

Here’s the truth: if you can’t speak confidently about what you do and how it will make a difference in people’s lives – if you can’t brag about your services – then why would anyone bother hiring you?

The Magnetic Woman – the Joy of Self-Promotion is a workshop for coaches, healers, artists, and entrepreneurs who want to feel the joy, ease and magnetism of self-promotion so that they can get the recognition (and clients) they deserve.

This workshop takes both a soulful and strategic approach: we’re going to take a deep dive into why you have the breaks on when it comes to self-promotion. Why is it difficult for you to speak openly and honestly about your skills and accomplishments? What is the fear that holds you back from doing videos or interviews that require you to talk about yourself and your work? And how do we energetically line-up with our work so that we are a magnetic force?

We’re also going to take a practical look at your current messaging – do you know how to succinctly talk about what you do, or is your message fuzzy and unclear? You’re going to learn how to talk and use words about yourself and your services that do you justice and make you shine and standout. You’ll learn how to stop self-sabotaging yourself by underplaying yourself.

Being able to confidently and assertively talk about yourself and your work – using your voice to is a magnetic force, and it’s a skill that every woman needs. It matters.

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