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Imagine if...

you could stop second-guessing  yourself

you stopped caring what others thought about you

you stopped hiding out and playing small

you weren't afraid to speak your mind

you stopped sitting on your ideas and started sharing them

Feeling confident is a lot of fun - it's an amazing feeling!

Want Some?





We work primarily with women in the workplace who want to feel more ease and confidence so that they can experience a greater impact in their work.

We show women how to STOP:

  • Hiding out and holding themselves back

  • Second-guessing themselves

  • Thinking that they’re not good enough or trained enough for promotions and leadership roles

  • Buying into the perfection myth




  • One-on-one coaching —7 Week Intensive. LEARN MORE

  • Professional development Retreat: 1 DAY on-site retreats.

         LEARN MORE

  • Online course: If I’m so smart, then why don’t I feel more confident. LEARN MORE

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We work with women solopreneurs who are in the service and healing industry (consultants, coaches, freelancers). They want to feel more confident and aligned with their message and how to let the world know what they do and what they offer.

The life of a solopreneur can feel lonely at times. We lose sight of our vision and goals. We lose momentum. We look for support and encouragement. And it’s for all of these reasons that we offer small intimate group intensives to help you on your journey. 


This 8 weeks mentoring and coaching program is designed to help solopreneurs understand what fuels a successful and impactful business. How to connect with your clients with more power, ease, and confidence; how to create a business that you love and that has momentum. And more importantly, understand the energy and power you are bringing to your business.


In this intensive you will:


  • Understand and explore how being successful in business is directly related to our state of mind.

  • Discover the power and JOY of taking action and how not to stop yourself from taking action in your business.

  • Discover who you are and who you are being when you show up in your business? How to be authentic. How to show up as yourself.

  • How to tap into an unlimited supply of inspiration and creativity. 


Personal Power in the Workplace is a workshop that offers a sustainable solution to work-related stress, by helping workers access the untapped potential of their minds, and to show the connection between a clear mind and the ability to thrive and feel a sense of well-being at work.

When we understand the mechanics of how the mind works and begin to relate to our minds in a new way, we naturally open ourselves up to new levels of excellence, deeper interpersonal connections, fulfillment, and more ease.

In this workshop, we cover how to...


  • Communicate with more ease, confidence, power, and clarity.

  • Create a work environment that promotes and supports healthy and productive collaboration.  

  • Cope more effectively with change, stress, and crisis management at work.

  • Understand the deeper dynamics of how our experience is generated and the role that we play.

  • Understand how our own thinking is creating our experience. 

  • Coach yourself in times of stress. 

This one-day workshop is conducted on-site or at a mutually agreeable location.


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FREE! GET YOUR MINI VIDEO COURSE (includes 3 videos!)

A Game-Changer for anyone who wants to feel more CONFIDENT, once & for all!


Heading 1

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he handbrake shows up in the form of

holding yourself back from speaking out & always deferring to others

Constantly second-guessing yourself and & sitting on your ideas instead of sharing them

Never feeling as if you're ready - that you need more training & education. 

Caring too much about what others may think of you - ​constant people-pleasing.

Feeling overly-self-conscious about how you look.

Young beautiful blonde and blue eyes wom

FREE! GET YOUR MINI VIDEO COURSE (includes 3 videos!)

A Game-Changer for anyone who wants to feel more CONFIDENT, once & for all!

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