Hello and welcome! I'm Linda Ford, master coach & author,

and I'm so glad you've found your way here. This 4 part video series was co-created with my fellow coach, Lana Bastianutti.


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This 4-part series has been conducted and presented by Linda Ford & Lana Bastianutti.  As coaches, our work focuses on how people can live their lives with true confidence - the confidence to know that they are whole and have everything they need, and the confidence to know that no matter what the circumstances, all is well.


In these difficult and uncertain days that we’re all living through, we wanted to offer our friends, colleagues, and clients not only comfort and hope but also a new way of seeing and understanding our experience both globally and individually. 

In these conversations, we discuss:

  • Uncertainty and how it’s actually always been a part of our experience even without a pandemic.

  • How the mind is designed and how it operates in relation to stress, anxiety, and resilience.

  • Our relationship with death and dying and understanding who we really are.

  • How living in the moment as opposed to the past or future, is really all we have ever had.

  • The wisdom and intelligence of life and how it’s always operating behind the scenes to return us to a state of balance and renewal.

  • Even in a pandemic, beauty and kindness are everywhere.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this series and find great comfort in these conversations. 

With much love,

Linda Ford

Video 1:

A Conversation with Robin Charbit

Video 3:

A Conversation with Dr. Ken Manning

Video 2:

A Conversation with Natashia Swerdloff

Video 4:

A Conversation with Grace Kelly

With special thanks and appreciation to

Robin Charbit,

Natashia Swerdloff,

Dr. Ken Manning &

Grace Kelly!