A New Paradigm for Lasting Change




What if you could begin to see your unwanted behavior of insecurity in a different way? What if you could have an insight--a realization--

that breaks and changes that behavior effortlessly and permanently? What I share with my clients is indeed a shortcut to the success

they are looking for--one where change will happen all by itself.  


My focus is going to be less about “how to live, perform, get motivated, and be in the world” and more about “how life works” how we

actually create our experience (of anything) whether it be insecurity or confidence. When we understand how the operating system of a computer or a car engine works, or how anything works, we automatically get more out of it, and life flows a lot easier even when things

go awry as they naturally do in life. And it's no different with us. When we understand how our operating system works, everything changes.








Lasting Change From the INSIDE-OUT

Turning Traditional Psychology on its Head.

How do you go from being...insecure to confident;  quiet to expressive; inhibited to free; shy to bold; unassertive to unabashed; fearful to brave?


The Conventional (Outdated) Approach to Coaching Clients

When someone hires a coach, it's usually because he or she wants help with changing unwanted behavior, a state of mind, or to motivate them into taking some kind of action. The tools and strategies typically used by coaches tend to focus on getting the client to become more motivated; provide constant reminders (and bribes) to get them to consistently do something by role-playing or "acting as if". The coach may also go a little deeper and delve into changing the client's mindset helping them gain insight into why they think the way they do or helping them identify more empowering thoughts to think. 


There is no doubt that some people benefit greatly from this approach. Having someone check up on you and make you accountable can sometimes create change. But the problem is that this approach (although well-meaning) does not work for everyone, and neither does it get to the core of why we think and act the way we do---at best these are just great managing and coping skills. It's also based on what someone else (the coach) thinks is best for us. Deep and lasting change rarely comes from this kind of approach. True transformation comes from an insight---a realization, a shift in our consciousness (inside of us) when we understand how life actually works.


Confidence is NOT the exclusive birthright of
a privileged few. It's yours for the taking.
If you've tried some quick fixes and your
insecurity has returned leaving you feeling
disheartened, then it's time for a different solution.