To Become Manifest.
To Move Out from Under and to Come into Full View.
Are you ready to emerge?

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Imagine if...

you could stop second-guessing yourself

you stopped caring what others thought about you

you stopped hiding out and playing small

you weren't afraid to speak your mind

you stopped sitting on your ideas and started sharing them

Feeling confident is a lot of fun - it's an amazing feeling!

Want Some?

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There are several ways

you can work with me

THE COURSE: You can sign-up for my signature online course -


If I'm so smart, then why don't I feel more confident?


I co-created and teach this course with my fellow coach, Lana Bastinanutti. Enrollment is now open - Class begins May 25th!


This 7-week video-based course is offered four times per year and allows you to be part of a group of women taking this journey to confidence together.

You can find out more about this popular course by clicking on the link below. New enrollment dates to be announced.


Work with me one-on-one

When you work with me one-one-one we specifically target the area of your life where you want to feel more confident. 

This option is a 7-week duration and involves getting on a Zoom call or phone once a week for 1 hour.

Check out below and decide what issue is unique to you!

Who is Confidence Coaching For?

Professional women who want to have a greater IMPACT in their careers. They want to break the habit of not speaking up in meetings, deferring to others, people-pleasing, and the stress of feeling like an imposter.


Coaches or soloprenuers who wants to confidently sell and market their services, charge what they're worth, and stop hiding out and playing small. 


Moms who have raised their kids and want to reinvent themselves, but keeps doubting, hesitating, and second-guessing themselves.


Single or divorced women who want to start dating again and confidently go after the partner they really want - they want to stop settling for second-best and learn to confidently enjoy the dating scene without letting rejection interfere.


Any woman who is fed up with feeling insecure and wants to unapologetically feel comfortable in her own skin.

If you'd like to apply for one-one coaching

It's important we first make sure we're both a good fit for each other.

Let's set up a time to have a 20-minute phone or Zoom consultation so that we can meet and discuss what area of your life you'd like to focus on.

We'll talk about:


Where you are right now -

What you'd like to change or create -

What are the obstacles you feel are standing in your way -

And how my coaching can help close the gap.

I'm excited to talk to you - no pressure!

You can email me at :

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