My Coaching is Deep, Soulful & Transformational
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Empowering you to become CONFIDENT, so that you can be successful and profitable in having a business that you're in love with!


You can sign up for individual one-on-one coaching - a minimum of six weeks of coaching.


You can be part of my mastermind group:
The Untethered Coach. This is a 3-month program for coaches who want to take a deep dive into what's holding them back from playing bigger in their business and how to take the handbrake off. 

The next mastermind is coming in
October 2021. Make sure you apply ahead of time to be considered for this special group. 

See below for more details.

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The Untethered Coach

This mastermind offers a soulful & practical guide for any new or seasoned coach who wants to deepen their coaching skills, feel more confident, and have a thriving coaching practice, but who struggles with fear and a lack of confidence to be fully seen & heard and to put themselves out there. 

MY COACHING PHILOSOPHY - Why traditional psychology and self-help are outdated. 

My approach to helping you free yourself from the insecurity and self-doubt that holds you back is based on the premise that there are two elements that make up YOU - the physical & the spiritual. And until you understand how the two work and interact - until you understand how important they depend on each other - the change you are looking for will continue to evade you. 

The typical approach in self-help to dealing with insecurity, imposter syndrome, and fear involves a cognitive approach of managing your thinking or disciplining yourself to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Unfortunately, modern psychology and self-help strategies are outdated in their understanding of how we humans work. And they rarely lead to lasting and sustainable change. 

When you change or adjust your understanding of yourself - when you take into consideration that not only are you this physical and psychological being, but ALSO a spiritual being with enormous, invisible power - that's when you can change the foundation of everything that shows up in your life. 

We are so much more than our physicality and psychology - the parts of us that are visible. In my coaching, we go deeper - below the waterline - to include the part of us that's invisible. 

When you adjust your understanding of yourself, you change the foundation for everything. I will point you toward a more accurate and richer understanding of how we humans work, and more importantly, how to FREE ourselves of doubt and insecurtiy so that we can get on with the goals and dreams we have for our life. 


Let me help you STOP the self-sabotage, self-minimizing & the hiding.

Take the CONFIDENT Coach QUIZ! 

How CONFIDENT are you (really!) as a coach?

10 game-changing questions that reveal the TRUTH about your level of confidence & how it's impacting your desire for more clients and a thriving business.

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