My Coaching is Deep, Intense & Transformational
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I cannot tell you how many women I have met as a coach - women who are smart, ambitious, hardworking, & talented - and who despite all of that, still hold themselves back, play small, and keep second-guessing themselves both in their work and relationships.


This is what breaks my heart.


And guess what? I used to be one of them. This is why I'm committed to helping women get over themselves so that they can get on with the goals and dreams they have for their life.  


I coach women in all areas of their life whether it be in their work and business, or their relationships.


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One of the biggest tragedies today about women

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What makes my coaching deep, intense & highly transformational?

My approach is based on the premise that there are two elements that make up YOU - the physical & the spiritual. And until you understand how the two work and interact, until you understand how important they depend on each other, the change you are looking for will continue to evade you. 

The typical approach to dealing with insecurity, imposter syndrome, and anxiety involves a cognitive approach of managing your thinking or disciplining yourself to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

I spent decades trying to manage my thinking and mindset, and I just couldn't get to the bottom of my insecurity. Modern psychology and self-help strategies are outdated in their understanding of how we humans work. And they rarely lead to lasting and sustainable change. 

When you change or adjust your understanding of yourself - when you take into consideration that not only are you this physical and psychological being, but ALSO a spiritual being with enormous, invisible power - that's when you can change the foundation of everything that shows up in your life. 

We are so much more than our physicality and psychology - the parts of us that are visible. In my coaching, we go deeper - below the waterline - to include the part of us that's invisible. 

You will learn and discover


  • How the equipment of the mind works - both in your favor and not in your favor! (good to know).

  • A brand new understanding of THOUGHT - what it is, where it comes from, and what if anything we should do with it.

  • How your current personality and habits of insecurity are actually all made up by you.

  • The secret why some people get stuck in negative thinking, while others flow with their thinking.

  • How our minds have a built-in self-correcting system designed to free us from unwanted thinking.

Linda helped me through a really difficult time in my just 4 sessions I felt much more confident to step forward and dive into new beginnings.
I had lost a lot in the outside world, but she helped me to see that within I was still ok no matter what. I began to feel more peaceful about what I had been through and my fears about the future. I feel that the real me was able to emerge and I look forward to uncovering more confidence both in relationships and in other areas of my life.
Linda will hold your hand and make you feel love, but she will also challenge you and help you see through the limiting beliefs that we can be so blind to within ourselves. Thank you Linda for helping me believe in myself again
I.Allen - UK


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