Our greatest untapped asset is the innate wisdom, health and capacity for insight

My work is centered around helping women tap into their competitive edge so that they. show-up in the workplace as a powerful, authentic, and essential contributor, without having their femininity misunderstood and ridiculed. 
Instead of trying to model themselves around the male model of leadership, I want women to experience the freedom of being a strong feminine leader that is respected and essential for any healthy environment.
Women face a myriad of challenges in the workplace--the wage gap, sexual harassment, gender bias, a male-dominated name a few.  Is it any wonder that women over-compensate--go above and beyond what is expected of them--in order to be viewed as a viable and essential contributor.
Having a competitive edge at work is important for both men and women who want to thrive in the workplace. Billions of dollars are spent annually on professional training programs, updating skill-sets; conducting personality tests, improving communication skills, and learning how to deal with stress. 
Although professional development is a good thing and should be encouraged, it only works some of the time.  The truth is that for the most part, employees are still suffering from stress, under-performance, low satisfaction, strained communication, and leaders who have no power to inspire. 




How Does One Get a Competitive Edge?


While all of these strategies are useful and well-meaning, they don’t have

any real lasting effect, because they miss out on a fundamental understanding.  And that misunderstanding is based on the assumption that work-related

problems are caused by circumstances outside of us.  For example a

bad boss, tight deadlines, too much work, not enough training, or difficult



Our work with executives and leaders is to show them that there is a direct

link between the state of mind of individuals and the results a company experiences and that the key variable that affects performance, resiliency,

and creativity, is our state of mind.



Our overall message to women in the workplace is that having a

competitive edge is not just about having skill sets--that's a given in

today's workplace. Or putting in more hours to overcompensate in a

male-dominated workplace.  But the real edge is about understanding

how they are creating their experience in terms of productivity, better relationships, able to deal with stress; not letting insecurity stop them etc.


How do you get this edge? Understanding how we create our experience.

If you know this, you're gold.