It feels good to be able to say that I've RADICALLY changed my relationship with
insecurity - little did I know that it would also increase my MAGNETISM!


Who knew that my coaching business would wake me up!


Fifteen years ago, I decided to become a coach because I wanted to teach and coach people about how to manifest the life they desired. I had been an avid student of Abraham-Hicks – popular teachers of the law of attraction, and I’d experienced some major shifts in my own life. I’ve come a long way from those working-class and poverty-ridden days of living in a home with no bathroom.

I now have a beautiful life – I live in a gorgeous home steps from the Atlantic Ocean, I have good health, a loving husband and two furry friends, a self-created business I love, and zero debt!


And yet…I’ve also noticed over the years areas of my life that stubbornly refused to change in any big way…

My coaching business!

I’ve coached hundreds of women – always a steady stream of clients, but I noticed an upper limit problem – I was acutely aware that I had the handbrake on. Something was stopping me from playing full out – playing bigger. And I had to admit that I was hiding out. But from what?

Little did I know that this entrepreneurial journey I was on would also become a powerful catalyst for my own personal and spiritual awakening – and would profoundly deepen my understanding even more about the nature and power of how to accelerate my magnetism.



Who knew that it would be my coaching business that would expose and shine a bright light on what was keeping me playing small – my business would mirror back to me the habitual pattern of thoughts and feelings that caused me to always second-guess myself and my work. I began to wake up to the fact that there was a lot of self-sabotaging going on – and a profound lack of confidence and low self-worth about putting myself out there for the world to see. 

What I’ve come to “see” and experience about the law of attraction and creating the life we desire, is that there is a direct line – correlation – between our self-worth and what we manifest.

We attract what we believe we are worth.

You can make all the vision boards you want, get good at repeating your affirmations, or positive thoughts – and all those things are wonderful – but they don’t go deep enough to bring about whatever it is you want.

And this is GREAT NEWS!

Because it solves the problem of you not living the life you want to create. It solves the problem of going through life with one foot in and one foot out because you feel insecure.

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We are magnetizing all the time, so we may as well do it right!

I've always been insatiably curious about the human condition - why some people seem to thrive in life while others don't – why some people are confident, stand out, and get noticed while others remain invisible and forgettable.

It's the reason why I've been on a spiritual and personal development journey for most of my life. It didn't seem fair to me!


I can thank my parents for making me curious because they were people who despite working two and three jobs, did not know how to thrive in life.

There was never enough money in our family. I never witnessed any confidence and well-being in them. In fact, their life was one long joyless struggle to make ends meets.

Strangely enough, they have been my greatest teachers.


Which explains why from a very early age I believed that some people have “it” and some people don’t have “it.” Some people are just lucky. And I was frustrated that my parents clearly did not have “it.”

Determined not to repeat my parent’s life – I had to find a way to break the chain of poverty and a life of very little possibility.


I'm happy to say that I discovered the missing piece to the puzzle - and I can't wait to share it with you.

The people and circumstances that have chipped away at our self-worth and harmed us throughout our lives are not permanent. We can easily return to our innate well-being in no time. The more we can hang out and sit in the wholeness of who we really are, the more magnetic we become.

Street Cred!

I've been personally trained and certified by Dr. Martha Beck, New York Times best-selling author, and America's "favorite life coach"- I'm one of her master coaches. 

I have co-written a Kindle best-selling book: Women and Confidence: The truth about the lies we tell ourselves; I have co-created two successful online programs called: The Confident Coach and If I'm so smart then why don't I feel more confident? 


And for all of these projects, I've had to use my voice, step into my confidence, develop a point of view, share my opinions, produce videos, interview experts, speak at seminars and workshops, and put myself out there. I finally released the handbrake.

I'm a Brit (born in Belfast, Northern Ireland) who speaks with a funny accent - a melting pot accent of Irish, British, Australian - all of the places I've lived. I've lived in the US for forty years.
When I'm not coaching, teaching, writing, or creating new programs, you'll find me walking, decorating my home, looking at houses, or trying to play the piano.


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