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Self-doubt and insecurity seem to be built into our human experience and development.  Growing up, we are groomed to compare and see ourselves and our value in relationship with others. And for the most part, we always believed we came up short.

Young girls growing up were constricted even more to a narrower range of what was deemed acceptable behavior. The pressure to be the “good girl – left many young women especially prone to lifelong feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.


While self-doubt may be understandable and part of the human experience, it serves all of us, and the world when we see it for what it is and why it's important to free ourselves from its chains.


This 2-hour masterclass explores the normality of self-doubt and how it holds us back from using our voice and putting ourselves out there in the world.

What if instead of trying to get rid of self-doubt, we changed our relationship with it? What if we saw it for what it really is? How would we show up in the world? What would be the impact in our lives?


Join us for a powerful conversation, witness the heroic journeys many of us have travelled to reconnect with the truth of who we are at our core.

In this four-hour masterclass, Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit and master coach, Linda Ford share their own personal journey about how they radically changed their relationship with insecurity, self-doubt, and shame once and for all. 


Confidence: we all want it, we all need it, here's how to get it. Sit back and watch these two wonderful videos! 

$98 US

If the only thing people learned, was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world. ~Sydney Banks.

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