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Because you have important work to do in the world.

An online program for coaches/solopreneurs who want
to be seen and heard so that they can attract clients, inspire change, & create wealth.

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The most valuable currency for any successful busines or career is getting

You're a coach, healer, and content provider. You have something important to share with people - important work to do in the world. You want to help people, ease their pain, and inspire meaningful change in their lives. You have the best of intentions.

So, why aren't people leaning in and listening to you? Why are you not standing out and getting noticed? Why aren't people reading your newsletters and blogs and engaging with you? Why are they not hanging on to your every word?  Why are they not hiring you? Why are you not able to do the work you're being called to do? What gives?


Why do some people stand out and get noticed and others remain invisible? The answer to that question has to do with both the inner and outer way we show up in the world.


The inner journey is your energy - your level of confidence, grounding, presence, knowing your value, being deeply connected to your work, and navigating fear, failure, nervousness, and the inner critic. 


The outer journey is about you learning a few skillsets - how to write posts and blogs that people want to read; how to use your voice so that people want to listen to you; how to produce videos that don't repel and bore people; And how to dress and present yourself that speaks to a level of professionalism and power that attracts and draws people in. 


The inner and outer paths are what make up your level of vibrancy and magnetism. It's not just about what you say, but how you say it.  


Your vibrancy and level of Magnetism is about the Inner & Outer Journey - it's not just WHAT your say, but 







Imagine if you could...

Stop the struggle, desperation, and neediness to get attention. Imagine if you could let go of fear about putting yourself out there without being overly self-conscious. Imagine if you felt safe and self-assured about yourself and your offer and you didn't feel like an imposter. 


Just imagine If you could switch all of that around in your business and have people lean in to hear what you have to say and appreciate your value. 


Just imagine if you could create a magnetic pull where people and opportunities come to you effortlessly.
This program is designed to do just that. You're going to discover how to wake people up to all the good you can offer them. You're going to learn both the inner and outer game of how to communicate powerfully. 

You're going to learn how to NOT be boring & instead be MAGNETIC! 

Your level of vibrancy & magnetism is both an inside & outside job. 
It's not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it. 

The most valuable currency for any business owner is getting ATTENTION 

This program is comprised of seven videos that you will get immediate access to when you sign up. Here's what's covered: You will also receive PDF worksheets that go with each video.

Video One: The Inner Journey: Getting clear on who you are as a coach: Who do you really want to work with? Who brings you most alive? What problems do you feel most drawn to solve? This is important foundational work - it's deeply connected to your life purpose. If you don't know who you are or who you are best suited to working with, you won't be able to stand out resonate with potential clients, or be seen as an expert.

Video two:  The Outer Journey: Crafting your essential marketing message that speaks to your ideal client. In this video, you'll learn the BIG mistake that most coaches make about how they communicate to potential clients what they do and the problems they solve. No more deer in the headlights when someone asks you what you do. By the end of this video training, you'll have a clear and concise message that you can use on your website, newsletters, and social media.

Video Three: The inner Journey: Understanding what repels potential clients. There's no way that you can hide your energy and what you really think about yourself - people can sniff you out!  In this video training, we dive deep into how to tame your inner critic. How to disrupt yourself when self-doubt, overwhelm and fear interfere with your work. You're also going to uncover and integrate your "shadow" - the part of you that you feel the most shame around - your worst fear of what people think about you. You'll also learn how to take control of your energy and pivot quickly into an energy of confidence and pure potential.

Video Four: The outer (and inner) journey: Get comfortable with self-promotion & get the credibility and respect you deserve. This video is all about you embodying your value and worth from the inside out and outside in. You're going to get clear and own your gifts, value, expertise, and why people should be lining up to hire you. You're going to have to convince yourself first about your value if you want to gain the respect and attention of others. 

Video Five: Upleveling your appearance. Like We live in a visual world whether we like it or not. Do not underestimate the power of how others are seeing you. This training is about how to show up like a professional. It covers your appearance - are you still stuck in the past with your clothes or dressing for your future self? We'll cover the use of color, the setting, and the lighting of your videos. It's about looking and sounding professional, not perfect. It's about having a brand you can be proud of.

Video Five: The outer (and inner) journey: Developing your Magnetic Voice. You're going to learn how to use your voice and communicate with more power, presence, and magnetism. You're going to get intimate with your own voice and learn about pitch, tone, and volume.

Video Six: The outer journey: How to write powerful messages and blogs: I'm going to teach you how to use hooks so that more people will want to read your posts - they're going to lean in and hear what you have to say.

Video Seven: Overcoming Nervousness, stress, failure, being overly self-conscious, and screwing up when all eyes are on you. You're going to learn how to show up as a giver and not a taker and how this is going to help when you're nervous. I will share tools for how you can remain present and focused when the pressure is on - how to get out of your head and into your body and why and how this will help you.













If you don't believe in the power of your offer & the power of yourself then no one else will. Your success in business is 20% action and 80% unshakeable confidence.


What's in this program? How does it work?

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