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Don't let insecurity, fear, & nerves stop you from putting yourself out there.





So, you're a coach. You've got important work to do in the world - you love coaching. You want to attract clients, but you struggle with insecurity, fear, and nervousness about putting yourself out there.  It doesn't feel safe to be seen and heard. And you're wondering how you're ever going to get clients. 


Here's the bad news! You can't create anything from a place of doubt, fear, and the belief that you don't have what it takes. And it's for that reason you're going to have to DISRUPT YOURSELF!

I struggled for years with this problem - always hiding out and playing small because I was so insecure and anxious about others judging and criticizing me. I was forever second-guessing myself and procrastinating. My coaching business was going nowhere. I had this push-pull thing going on - I wanted the spotlight, but then I didn't want it. 


If you can relate to this, I'd like to invite you to spend 4 hours with me so that I can share with you how I overcame this problem - how I radically changed my relationship with insecurity and fear once and for all. 

This is a special end-of-year offer. You get to spend 4 hours with me - you decide how to use up your 4 hours. 

Together we'll take a deep dive into what's stopping you - what's getting in your way of putting yourself out there.  I can help you.

I offer a spiritual and strategic approach to the problem of insecurity, fear, and imposter syndrome. I believe that the ability to show up in your work with confidence is based on a solid foundation of knowing who you are and knowing your value - and having the skills to communicate powerfully. 













4 weeks- $425

payable weekly

to schedule email:
Message me on Facebook!

What Coaches are saying...

I had a lot of fear of putting my work out there - I felt too exposed. Working with Linda has liberated me!

Sarah M. 

After completing my 4 sessions with Linda, I am seeing so clearly why my coaching practice isn't taking off! Linda has given me some amazing ideas and tools for how I can move forward and have more impact.                                                                                                         
Margaret B. - CA

Signing up for these four sessions has shone a bright light on why I've been holding myself back from playing bigger in my work. I feel as if I've shed layers of insecurity and fear that were getting in my way.

Jennifer W. Boston, MA

I've never been coached before and didn't really know what to expect - just being able to talk to someone and share my fears about how to make an important decision has been wonderful.

Ann S. UK

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Linda Ford is a master certified coach and instructor who has been personally trained by the grand dame of coaching, New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Martha Beck. But what's important is that she knows what it's like to hold yourself back because of insecurity, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome.

She is the co-author of Women and Confidence - the truth about the lies we tell ourselves.

Linda Ford is intense, direct, funny, tender, and magical! If you're into mediocrity choose another coach. If you want your life to be extraordinary, have I got a coach for you!

Dr. Martha Beck 


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