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Have more IMPACT & change the world.

An online, self-paced, program that takes a DEEP DIVE into how to become an extraordinary coach with a thriving practice. 

You've finally found your calling! Coaching is in your bones! But you're wondering:
How do I get clients and have more impact? 
How do I create a profitable coaching business?



Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D., retired psychologist, 3 Principles master trainer and educator, global webinar and seminar leader, and co-author of Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-being.

Praise from Dr. Dicken Bettinger


"I was honored to be a part of The Confident Coach program created by two friends of mine, Linda Ford and Lana Bastianutti. This program covers every dimension of what is required to build and sustain an impactful coaching practice. Linda and Lana have a real passion for helping coaches in their development and they deeply understand the role coaches play in helping to create a healthy world.

They have included powerful talks and guidance by some of the top coach trainers and have brought them all together for this comprehensive program. This program is a real gift for coaches who are just building a practice or for the seasoned coach who wants to create even greater impact with clients.”



Why is Life coaching is a billion-dollar-a-year industry?

Because more than ever, people are hungry to know how to improve their lives. They want guidance. Direction. Transformation. They need coaching. 
And yet, despite the demand, many coaches find it difficult to make a decent living. They feel overwhelmed and confused about marketing, social media, & how to stand out from other coaches. Many are great coaches, but resist having to learn the necessary marketing skills.

The Confident Coach is a comprehensive program that addresses the unique needs of new and seasoned coaches who want to become a powerful force for change in their client's lives, stand out and reach a wider audience, create a bigger vision for their coaching business, and who want to have a better relationship with marketing and sales. This course covers it all!
Not only will you learn how to become more grounded and impactful as a coach, but also how to effectively market yourself so that your business can truly thrive.


What is The Confident Coach Program?
Watch this short video


The Confident Coach is Divided into Two Main Sections: 


1. THE GROUNDED COACH - Includes...

  • Knowing who you are as a coach.

  • How to discover your unique voice.

  • Connecting with your personal story. 

  • Speaking powerfully to enroll clients.

  • How to deal with fear & perfectionism.

  • Hiding out & playing small in your work.

  • Changing your relationship with rejection.

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome.

  • Fear of asking for money.

  • Developing a deep knowing of your worth.

  • Developing deep presence & listening skills.

And much, much, more...

2. MARKETING AS A COACH - Includes...

  • The art of great copywriting.

  • Identifying your brand.

  • To niche or not to niche.

  • Getting clear on your message.

  • Selling with confidence.

  • Social media overwhelm & how to use it.

  • How to become more visible.

  • Confidence & clarity about your voice & image.

  • Producing videos

  • Going Pro: commitment & work ethics.

  • Your relationship with money and how to ask for what you're worth.

  • Marketing with ease & simplicity.

  • And much, much more...

Giving a Speech


This program is for new & seasoned coaches who want to feel more confident and grounded in who they are as a coach & who want to become more strategic, savvy, and playful about marketing their business. 



Linda Ford
Master Certified Coach & Co-Author of Women and Confidence

Linda Ford is intense, direct, funny, tender, and magical!


​If you're into mediocrity choose another coach. If you want your life to be extraordinary, have I got a coach for you!​


Dr. Martha Beck - New York Times best-selling author & Oprah's favorite life coach.  

Lana Bastianutti
Certified Coach & Co-Author of Women and Confidence

Be ready. When working with Lana you will find that she has killer instincts. In the muddle of what is going on in your story, Lana masterfully pulls out, sometimes from seemingly benign information, big significant truth.

Lana’s ability to integrate relevant information she has noted has greatly impacted the depth and outcome of the work I have been able to do with her. One word: Brilliant.

Alexia Camfield, Houston, TX


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We wanted to design & create a course that covers the ESSENTIALS of what it takes to have a thriving coaching practice.

And so we have gathered together some of the leading experts and success stories from around the world -  coaches who have created thriving coaching practices, and who are living their dream. These video interviews offer practical, stragetic, intimate & insightful conversations. It's the course we wished we could have taken when we first started coaching.







Micheal Neill - Internationally renowned coach & best-selling author - How to find your authentic voice.


Gail Larsen- Internationally renowned coach & best-selling author of Transformation Speaking-Finding your original medicine & voice.

Heading 1


Bev Barnes- Master Coach: Finding your purpose & Soul's Calling. 


Dominic Scaffidi - Executive Coach & Law of Attraction Expert: How to Attract Clients.  


Dr. Amy Johnson- Creator of the LIttle School of Big Change: How to stop hiding & play bigger in your business.


Michele Woodward: Executive Coach: How to Create a Sustainable Business.


Jamie Smart - Internationally renowned coach & best-selling author - Overcoming imposter syndrome.


Joy Bufalini: Creator of Simplify to Multiply - Creating a six-figure business.

michele barry.jfif

Michele Barry Franco- How to become more visible and stand out. 

Wyn Morgan - Certified, Advanced, Transformative Coach.


Lauren Van Mullen - Copy Writing Coach Expert. How to write great copy

Cathy Casey- 3 Principles Coach - Developing great listening skills.


Angela Durrant - Voice coach. Featured on Britain's B.B.C. How
to speak eloquently about what
you do.


Robin Charbit - Executive Coach. 
Confidence and grounding as a coach.


Grace Kelly - Reimagining Marketing and Sales.


Sherold Barr - Change your
money story & increase your
earning capacity. 


Sandra Koing- Branding expert.
How to identify your brand.

Natasha Swerdloff -Executive coach. Confidence & grounding. 


Dr. Dicken Bettinger - Internationally renowned 3 Principles Coach. Allowing the intelligence of the Universe to work through and guide your business decisions. 


Mavis Karn - 3 Principles Coach.
How to develop presence &
deep listening skills.



The Confident Coach is an amazing program that meets coaches where they currently are and gives them the confidence to know that they're enough and have what it takes to create a dream coaching practice.  It has personally taken me years to learn what I know about coaching and marketing because so much of what’s out there has been a hit and miss. It has also cost me thousands of dollars. The genius of this program is that Linda and Lana have created a one-stop-shop program in which they take you by the hand and make it so much easier for coaches who not only feel overwhelmed and burdened by too much information but who also hold themselves back due to a lack of confidence. And they can get all of this without spending a fortune.

My favorite interview - the one that was most impactful for me - was the chapter about finding your soul’s calling with Bev Barnes. This interview spoke to me more than anything. But I also feel that every video and interview was compelling and shared valuable information - I learned so much from every single video.  I couldn’t get enough of listening to their personal stories about what they went through, about the truth of the coaching industry, what to expect, the missing pieces, the know-how, and what is truly possible for all of us to create a coaching and heart-centered business. This program covers it all. 

You have here at your fingertips a high-quality program that offers the wisdom and secrets of the best and most successful coaches and industry leaders – you get the low down!  Everything you need to embark on this entrepreneurial path is all here for you in this superb program. The Confident Coach has the potential to change the lives of those who take the leap and say yes to a life they know is within reach. Buying this program will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Love it!

Alys Daly - Mindset, Business & Success Strategist -

Facebook page:

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The Confident Coach is a fresh new approach for coaches who want to fly with both wings and create a thriving coaching practice! 

This program offers invaluable & diverse content for coaches on how to become more grounded in their coaching and learn the essentials of how to have an impact in their business. 

The interviews with coaches and marketing “experts” are amazing, inspiring, and beautifully juxtaposed alongside Linda & Lana’s own down-to-earth, “real and honest” experience of setting up a coaching business. I gained so much from learning how to get clarity on my message and how to put it in front of people for the greatest impact, without feeling overwhelmed.  I highly recommend The Confident Coach to new and seasoned coaches who are looking to ignite their impact. 

Rachel Jewel: Women's Leadership Coach


The Confident Coach is a must for your coaching business! 


Linda and Lana have created a program of unyielding proportions! You will not find a more comprehensive collection of successful coaches and leaders in one online program anywhere. With wisdom and clarity, they’ve created a masterpiece that’s insightful, detailed, and thought-provoking, No stone was left unturned of what it takes to have an impact as a coach. They bring their own stories to the table to illustrate their journeys as coaches, offering a practical approach for new or experienced coaches of how to serve and have an impact in ways you never knew were possible!


If they sell The Confident Coach program for anything less than a thousand dollars, they're giving it away! This program is a must if you want to invest in your passion and learn from veteran coaches. You will learn to serve your clients in ways you never knew were possible!


Dave Fry

Founder of The Space Between

Compassionate Conversations Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get in The Confident Coach?

You get over 50 videos and 20 PDF worksheets of instruction, tools, insights & strategies from some of the most successful coaches and marketing experts.

Chapter One:            
Knowing who you are as a coach & how to find your soul's calling.

Chapter Two:             
Finding your unique voice and gifts. Connecting to your personal story and creating a                                            clear message that emotionally resonates with your ideal client.

Chapter Three:         
Overcoming fear, perfectionism, hiding out, and playing small - learn to love the spotlight.                                   
Chapter Four:           
Understanding imposter syndrome and how to not let it stop you.

Chapter Five:             
Become a powerful force in your client's lives through the power of deep listening &                                              presence.

Chapter Six:             
Defining your role as a coach. What are coaches responsible for?

Chapter Seven:         
What it takes to go PRO - A new way of seeing integrity, work ethic, discipline, and being your word.                   

Chapter Eight:           
Reimagining marketing: niching, selling, copywriting, speaking, making videos,  branding, charging what you're worth, social media, and how to keep things simple.

Chapter Nine:           
The best CEO you could ever want - working with invisible forces -to ignite your performance, confidence, creativity, and productivity. Cultivating a partnership with a higher power.

Chapter Ten:             
Learning to love the so-called "grind."

The Confident Coach covers everything from how to become a grounded and confident coach to how to market yourself with integrity and confidence. 




Special Interview with Leonie Dawson -
The QUEEN of Online Marketing - In this interview, Leonie shares how to become more visible, and how she became a multi-millionaire by being herself!

VIDEO BONUS #2           I
Impactful METAPHORS to use when coaching clients.

VIDEO BONUS #3         
How to make great professional-looking videos.

PLUS!! If you buy now and get your introductory offer, you will get an additional bonus video of an interview with Dr. Dicken Bettinger in which he shares a beautiful conversation about changing your relationship with insecurity and confidence once and for all.  

Is there a specific start date?
No. The Confident Coach is a program that you can do at your own pace.  Once you buy your copy it's yours to begin watching immediately. The course is designed for you to watch in your own time and at your own pace. 

How long will I have access to this program:
You will have one year of access to this program from your date of purchase.





Where was this program sixteen years ago when I first became a coach? Most other coaching programs teach you how to coach, but they don’t address the underlying issues that can hinder you on your journey to becoming a successful coach. And I should know, I have more coaching certifications in more modalities than I can count on my fingers and toes combined!

What makes The Confident Coach so unique and invaluable is the honest, down-to-earth, and tangible way in which Linda and Lana share their secrets on how to create a thriving coaching practice. Their warmth, wit, and wisdom are evident throughout the program. They both share with candid humor their stories with all the ups and downs along the way. I particularly related to Lana when she spoke about how she was still hiding, even though she was putting out blogs and programs etc. Me too!

Linda and Lana have thought of everything. This program is choker blocked full of indispensable information and interviews with excellent teachers and experts in their field. Each chapter addresses key essential aspects of what it takes to build a thriving coaching practice. Starting with finding your unique voice, sharing your story, avoiding pitfalls such as perfectionism, comparing yourself to others, and imposter syndrome, successfully marketing, promoting, and pricing—every facet of what it takes to become a successful coach is covered. Being a fabulous coach is not enough if your clients don’t know how to find you.

I cannot recommend The Confident Coach highly enough. It is an invaluable resource for seasoned coaches as well as those who are new to the profession. I would suggest devouring it quickly to gain an overview of all the great information it contains, then returning to it again to slowly savor the nuances of what it has to offer. It’s a resource that you’ll want to keep coming back to again and again and again.

Thank you, Linda and Lana, for all the amazing work that you do.  

Del Adey-Jones - 3 Principles Practitioner Coach.


I don’t consider myself a new coach, and so I figured I would be able to skip some of the basic content of this program. WRONG! I discovered that I didn’t want to miss a thing! This comprehensive program


Linda and Lana have created is informative, enlightening, engaging, and entertaining. They have knocked it out of the park!  They bring home their messages from every angle and have gone above and beyond through their insightful interviews with a diverse group of leading experts.  


As a more seasoned coach, I discovered new insights and was impacted in ways I hadn’t imagined. I found myself slowing down to reflect on ideas and concepts that took me years to realize. In addition, the section about the intelligence of life and how it is always taking care of us was a huge reminder that wisdom is also guiding me and not just my clients.  

Terri Whitman - Coach/Counselor


If you want to take your coach business development and confidence to the next level, Linda & Lana have covered all the bases with The Confident Coach. This program is seamlessly laid out with gold in every chapter and is a user-friendly program that brings clarity and insight while highlighting key concepts across many aspects of the art of coaching and building a business. Throughout this program Linda & Lana's authenticity and passion are clear: They Care!  

I loved the combination of their personal sharing and the supporting videos of experts. The exercises that accompany each chapter were also very helpful. Without a doubt, this program will be of great help to any coach.

Michael Fall - Coach


Heading 1

It didn’t take long for my mind to be blown away by The Confident Coach. I found myself getting stuck in the best possible way during Linda and Lana’s conversation with their first guest speaker. Listening in, I was reminded of how I began my own journey as a transformational coach and the mantra that guided my efforts along the way. This mantra got covered up over the years even though it has always been the most important thing to me; “How can I help?” Since being reminded of this, I have reoriented how I show up with incredible results. Whereas in the past, my conversations could become stilted or closed, now I’m having really inspiring conversations. And this is not only influencing my work. It has impacted my personal life as well.


What I have realized in going through this program is that creating an impactful coaching business is doable. I used to think it was just pie in the sky. And I loved the flow, structure, and choreography of this program; a story was being told that weaved its way throughout every conversation and lesson. And speaking of stories, it was really powerful that Linda and Lana shared their own experiences and lessons with us so that we got to see and learn from their own backstory and stumbles. It made everything feel possible.


I knew I was in for something special when I found myself putting my pen down and sinking into the couch as I absorbed all of the fantastic content. 


Tell you the truth, I was gutted when my access to the program is THAT good.

Malachy Donaghy - Transformational Coach


Thank you, Linda and Lana, for creating a spectacular program! The Confident Coach is a gold mine, chock-full of practical, inspiring, and transformative wisdom on how to grow a thriving coaching business. 


This program helped me drill down deeper into my niche, to get more clear about who and how I want to serve. I’ve had zillions of insights as I listened to your lessons, and to the remarkable guest speakers, each of whom is living their “special sauce,” making an authentic difference in the world. 


Every section of this program sparked fresh ideas for blogs, videos, and other creative ways to share. But most important of all, I’m full-up with inspiration to have more fun growing a coaching business where I can be myself, love what I love, care about what I care about, and create from there, helping others to do the same. We have to walk our talk as coaches. 


This program has shown me how the self-consciousness and insecurity that can come with the growing pains of starting a new business can fall away, leaving love, willingness, and a deep desire to serve.


Kudos on a brilliant job of covering all the bases, offering invaluable pointing and direction for every aspect of creating a successful coaching business. 


Whether you are a new, or a seasoned coach, there’s something in here for you. This program is sure to increase your grounding, your impact, and your joy in what you do. It’s a treasure trove of possibility!


Sue Cross - M.S., Creation Coach


Rather than prescribing a single approach, The Confident Coach offers a variety of diverse perspectives from many successful coaches. It demonstrates how you can be successful by finding your own authentic expression and voice. You will benefit by noticing what aspects resonate within you and getting clear about what’s important in your own approach.

Dominic Scaffidi - Executive Coach


(A payment plan is available for you to make two separate payments).



One final, final word about coaching

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