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How to take the handbrake off and get what you want.

into a new identity, so that you can play bigger, &
get what you want.

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To reach the next level of success you want to aspire to, you need to embody a new level of self - because the "old" you isn't going to cut it! 

In other words - you're going to have to get over yourself!

I meet them all the time - women who have dreams for their life. Many of them want to have their own business. Some have a business but wish they could play bigger. Others dream about writing and publishing a book. And so many dream about finding a great relationship.

Women are full of dreams. But so many of them make little progress in fulfilling them. They spend a lot of time thinking about what they want - believing that the Universe will give it to them in all good time.

But nothing seems to change

WHY? (
I'll cut to the chase).

They don't really believe in themselves (most of the time). 
They're always wishing they felt more confident.
They don't see themselves in the same league as those who are playing big.
They want the spotlight, but they're afraid of the spotlight.
They don't feel worthy or believe they have what it takes to get what they want.
They live in a world where doubt supersedes belief. 
They live in their heads and are ruled by their brain
They stay in their comfort zone due to the fear of being judged.
They don't have a clear vision.


Here's the bad news!
You can't create anything from a place of doubt and disbelief.

That's why you have to create a brand new self!
You're going to have to DISRUPT YOURSELF!

DISRUPT YOURSELF is a 4 week program

There's a secret formula for success in any area of life, and it goes like this: 


There's no doubt about it - CONFIDENCE - is one of the most sought-after traits today. Everyone wants it and everyone needs it. When you're confident in who you are you go after the things you want. You uplevel your life. Nothing stops you. People see you and want to be with you. 

But this elusive quality can be annoyingly out of reach to a lot of us. 

Disrupt Yourself is a program that's going to burst the bubble & expose the myth, that playing big and getting what you want is only for the few lucky ones in life.

You're going to see that who you are right now - how you think and what you believe about yourself - is something you're forever stuck with for life. 

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