The Magnetic Woman

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Awaken & Accelerate your Magnetism in life, love, & business

A 4
 Day Intensive for women who want to stand out and get noticed - to be seen and heard - and create the vision they have for their life.


Why do other people get to live the lives they want and you don't? Why do other people stand out and you don't? if you're wondering what other people have that you don't have - the answer is NOTHING! Could it be that all along you've been sitting on a treasure trove of confidence, well-being, joy, and magnetism? (Yes! you have!)

This workshop is going to help you find out the TRUTH of who you really are so that you accelerate your magnetism in life, love, & business!


  • Do you ever wonder why you feel invisible and overlooked in your career?

  • Do you wonder why you're not able to attract a loving partner or why you find yourself settling for second best?

  • Do you wish you could feel more confident about putting yourself out there when it comes to promoting your business?

  • Do you ever feel frustrated that no one sees you when you do put yourself out there?

  • Do you wonder why some people attract more attention and opportunities while others are overlooked, forgettable, and invisible?

  • Do you really think you're going to have to do a happy dance and shake your booty on Tic Tok to get people to see you?

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I've been fascinated by these questions my whole life - I used to think it was unfair - in fact, it really pissed me off!

Throughout my coaching career, I would meet so many women who were hardworking, decent. well-educated, highly trained, well-intentioned - women who had been on a spiritual and personal development journey for a long time! These women were wise souls - they had so much to give.


And yet, so many of them were being passed over for promotions, they were unseen and unheard when it came to finding a life partner, and many of them who were solopreneurs were not having any impact despite putting themselves out there.

I discovered that there was no great mystery why this was happening to women. They were going through life with the handbrake on - they had one foot in and foot out - they were hiding -they weren't coming into full view. 

In this workshop, we take a deep dive into how to take the handbrake off.  

Are you ready?

Can you relate to any of these?

• Does fear and insecurity stop you from putting yourself "out there" either in your business or pursuits to find a life partner?

Do you sometimes wonde

r why you’re not attracting more opportunities to play bigger in your work, business, or to meet a potential mate? Are you stuck in Groundhog Day syndrome?

Do you find yourself wondering why other coaches, solopreneurs, or co-workers who are less talented, experienced, hardworking, and articulate, have more impact and success than you do?

Do you desire to be respected and noticed in a bigger way, but you're aware that you hide out?

Do you find yourself resigning yourself to a mediocre life because nothing much changes and you find yourself thinking it's just not in the cards for you, so why bother?


Heading 1

What we're going cover in this 4-day masterclass

Day 1: Accelerating Your Pure Potential. How to close the gap between who you are now in life and who you really are at your core. What exactly diminishes your power of magnetism? What kicks you out of pure potential and makes you invisible? You're going to find out how to upgrade your earth suit and put it in its rightful place.

Day 2: The Dark Side of the Moon - this class is about changing and leveraging your relationship with fear, your shadow side, and failure. This is going to accelerate and supercharge your magnetic power.

Day 3: Accelerating Your Magnetism  - The difference between being in our "head bubble" and being in our bodies - how our bodies reveal our power or lack of it.  The power of your voice - if we know how to use them. In this class, we're going to learn how to increase and leverage our ability to be heard and listened to. 

Day 4: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - What does it really take to change who we are and how we show up in the world? How do we EMBODY the person we desire to be? In this class, I'm going to share with you how I radically changed my relationship with insecurity and self-doubt - how I disrupted myself! We're also going to consider if we are dressing for the vision we have for our life - whether we are dressing for the past, present, or future, how we show up in the world, and the effect it has on our magnetism. Is the outer reflecting the inner?

Class 1: Thursday, May 12 - 1:00 pm
Class 2: Friday, May 20  - 1:00 pm
Class 3:  Tuesday, May 24 - 1:00 pm
Class 4: Thursday, May 26 - 1:00 pm

All classes are
75 - 90 minutes long
All classes are eastern time
All classes will be recorded





Linda Ford is a master coach, author, and incurable optimist who imagines a world in which people wake up every day knowing who they really are, their value, and their worth, so that they can live out the vision they have for their life.


Linda experienced a radical transformation with her life-long struggle with insecurity, imposter syndrome, and hiding out and playing small in all areas of her life – and all of it has led her to her life’s work today.


At the heart of her work is helping people awaken and accelerate their magnetism for life, love, and business by changing their relationship with insecurity, the fear of being seen and heard, and of putting themselves “out there”.  


She is the co-author of the Kindle best-selling book:

Women & Confidence – the truth about lies we tell ourselves, and the co-creator of two popular online programs:


--If I’m so smart, then why don’t I feel more confident, and

--The Confident Coach – how to have more impact and change the world.

Linda Ford is intense, direct, funny, tender, and magical! If you're into mediocrity choose another coach. If you want your life to be extraordinary, have I got a coach for you!

Dr. Martha Beck - New York Times best-selling author - & America's favorite life coach

If you'd like to know how to...
Radically change the way you feel about yourself and show up in the world.
Develop greater self-awareness of the energy you are putting out into the world.
Understand how you might be repelling the very people you want to attract.
Understand how to use and leverage your voice so that people stop and listen to you.
Upgrade your earth suit so you're not stopped by fear, doubt, and insecurity.
Awaken yourself to higher possibilities in your life, love, & business...
Then this masterclass is for YOU!

Linda's program is one of the most powerful and life-changing courses I have ever taken. I feel blessed and privileged to have had access to such wisdom and to have gained so many insights. 

Claire-Louise Osoria, UK

FEE: $277



You'll get to watch a recent - hot off the press - never before seen - video interview I just completed with Michael Neill where we talk about how to accelerate your MAGNETISM! 

“A modern-day Alan Watts – Michael Neill does the brilliant job of using intelligence, humor, and heart to blend the sacred with the profane and gently reveal the deeper spiritual nature of everyday life.“

Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative teacher, author, broadcaster, and speaker, described as having the unique ability to “blend the sacred with the profane”. The inside-out understanding at the heart of his work.

He has also spent more than three decades as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, and creative spark plug to founders, CEOs, celebrities, royalty, and those who are up to something in the world. 

A gifted communicator, Michael has authored six best-selling books including Creating the Impossible, The Inside-Out Revolution, The Space Within, and Supercoach. His books have been translated into more than 25 languages, and his public talks, retreats, and seminars have touched and transformed lives at the United Nations and in over 60 countries, and on six continents around the world. His TEDx talks, ‘Why Aren’t We Awesomer?’and ‘Can a TEDx Talk Really Change the World?

FEE: $277