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LINDA FORD - Creator, Organizer, & Host of The Awakened Woman.


Linda Ford is a master-certified coach and author who imagines a world where people wake up every day knowing who they really are so that they can live out the vision they have for their life.

Linda works with heart-centered female coaches & solopreneurs who want to stand out, be seen and heard, and attract clients, but who struggle with a lack of confidence and fear about self-promotion and putting themselves out there.


Linda is the creator of The Magnetic Solopreneur – Where Soul meets Strategy - an online program that is designed to awaken and accelerate your magnetism so that you can share your gifts with ease & unshakeable confidence (and attract clients!)


Linda is the creator of The Magnetic Coach - a podcast to help women overcome their fear of being seen and heard. She is also the co-author of the Kindle best-selling book:, Women & Confidence – the truth about lies we tell ourselves, and the co-creator of two popular online programs:


--If I’m so smart, then why don’t I feel more confident, and

--The Confident Coach – how to have more impact and change the world.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Linda has lived in the US for over 30 years.

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I inspire women to rediscover Divine wisdom so they can unfold their truth and power as healers.

I want women to know they are love in motion. I want them to feel that. Be that. Share that. I’m on fire to help women rise up.

My work rests on a non-religious, universal spiritual understanding known as the 3 Principles. I engage with clients in an intuitive, creative way that blends the 3 Principles understanding with my training as a counseling psychologist.​


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​I offer programs for helpers who want to learn about and share the 3 principles in their work; for writers ready to upscale their craft and uplift their voices; and, for heart-aligned coaches ready to brand, message, create content and deliver messages of Love.​

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Jacquie Ford has been a leading coach, mentor, and facilitator in the personal and professional development field for over 25 years mentoring practitioners, delivering one on one sessions, keynotes, programs, and events in the UK and globally.


Jacquie has helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life simplify and transform their relationships with themselves and others at home and in the workplace.


Her podcast and her 6-week online program Becoming Unashamedly Human,” have now been delivered to students all over the world.



As a leading practitioner of the Three Principles, Jacquie loves to understand and witness how a simple misunderstanding of our human experience can be so easily rectified with love, humor, understanding, compassion, and deep listening no matter what her client's gender, age, job title or education.


Having seen her own and her clients' lives transform radically, Jacquie is dedicated to sharing this understanding with the wider community and is a the forefront of the Three Principles in Scotland and leads The Scottish Three Principles School.


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Del Adey-Jones is a coach, teacher, & author who works with people who desire to experience healthy and loving relationships, but who struggle with codependency, low self-esteem, and narcissistic abuse.  

Born and raised in Wales, Del has been Inspired by her own unconventional childhood and personal challenges with co-dependency and narcissistic abuse - including divorce and raising children as a single parent,


Del's work is greatly informed by her real-life experience and her deeper studies and practices of spirituality and psychology. 

Using her down-to-earth, relatable approach to coaching and her commitment to creating a safe space to explore the Inside Out understanding, she serves a wide range of clients worldwide.

Del is also the creator of her popular coaching program: The Way Out of Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse. 

She is also a contributing author in the Amazon best-selling book, Complete Self Care - 25 Tools for Goddesses. Her chapter is called: A Spiritual Solution to Low Self-Esteem.

Del is also the creator and producer of the highly successful Insightful Conversations - a weekly, half-hour show in which she has interviewed some of the world's leading teachers and thought leaders of the Three Principles understanding. She has lived in Malibu California for almost 30 years.

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Grace Kelly is a Transformational Coach supporting clients to step into a whole new chapter in their lives and careers.



She founded her signature work Your New Chapter after the sudden death of her partner Francesco & healing her own grief through the practices and insights she had been sharing in her coaching business.


Grace has helped hundreds of women who have experienced a big change or plateaued in life, to gain the clarity and courage to take the next bold steps.


As a result, women are living less self-conscious, showing up and being seen in the world, launching businesses, acting on long-held dreams like moving to new environments and much healing has occurred for all.

Clients can work with Grace online or attend her life-changing luxury retreats in Puglia, Italy.

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Lise Dandanell is a psychological counselor and Innate Health Coach who Is affectionately known as the heart whisperer. She is gifted at creating instant connections with her clients through deep listening.

Lise was a professional singer (she is the voice behind the Danish version of the Lions King's Circle of Life) and, In part, because of that background, she founded the workshop. -Finding Your Inner Voice/Listen Inside - to help participants rediscover their divine wisdom - their authentic selves.

Lise believes that we all are born loving and caring human beings - to ourselves, to each other, and to the universe – and then for most of us, things happen in life that, metaphorically, cover up our experience of ourselves as loving and caring humans.



She is very much looking forward to presenting her popular workshop at this gathering to provides the chance to bring a lifetime of training, knowledge, skill, and mastery, to hopefully contribute to The Awakened Woman.

She works with people who feel inhibited, limited, and challenged. Her most recent trip (1 year ago) was as a psychiatric nurse in Greenland.



Lise lives and works most of the time in Denmark and offers interventions via remote access in her home country, in the UK, and globally.

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