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Invisible Power is the title of one of my favorite books. It’s about everyone’s hidden inner capacity. The notion that something invisible has power is not something we typically pay too much attention to. We humans like to live in the world of our senses. As long as we can see it, touch it, smell it and hear it – as long as it’s tangible, we feel in control. That, we can deal with.

And then along comes COVID. If ever there was an example of invisible power this pretty much says it all. We can’t smell, hear, touch, or see it (at least when it’s not under a microscope). But it’s there lurking around in the airwaves doing what it’s designed to do, and it does so with a power that’s scaring the shit out of the entire planet earth.

We’re almost eight months into this pandemic. And as much as we’ve all felt the pangs and grief of missing the life we once had, some of us are able to appreciate the benefits of how life on this planet could be better if it were not for COVID.

Let’s face it, our environment is getting a break from all of the pollution we’ve been dumping on it for years; we’re discovering that much of our work can actually be done at home without the long commutes; heck, we’re even reinventing our work so that we don’t have to depend on employers; and even our pets are experiencing a nicer life by having us stay home with them instead of being left alone all day cooped-up inside the house.

My hope is that COVID will also wake us all up - to have a new appreciation and respect –for all things that are invisible. That we finally wake up to the fact that just because you can’t see, touch, hear, and smell something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or have power. Quite the contrary.

An example of this invisible power is the dynamics that have been operating behind the scenes within all of us – but we’ve been so preoccupied and distracted by our visible world that we’ve failed to acknowledge what’s going on. They are the invisible operating principles that explain how we create our experience in life– the operating principles of the mind. But it’s not really our fault we don’t know about these invisible operating principles. When we were born, we didn’t come with an operating manual – our appliances did, but not us humans!

The invisible power of thought is just one example. We have an invisible thought machine in our heads that produces an endless variety of thoughts. And most of us don’t realize that how we feel towards someone or some 'thing" are all generated each moment via thought. We have the odd moments when we “see” that our good or bad mood is coming from our thoughts, but that insight – seeing that connection – is fleeting and inconsistent, at least for me it is.

Sometimes we don’t see the connection at all, and we’re convinced that our thinking has nothing to do we how we personally feel. We’re convinced that we were feeling just fine until that person did what they did to us.

Sometimes I can see this in my own experience and sometimes not. And so, it kind of explains why I can feel humbled by this invisible power and other times feel arrogant. Sometimes I know I’m creating my experience from the inside out; and other times I’m as sure as the nose on my face, it’s outside in. Sometimes I know my mind is acting like a projector; and other times I’m convinced my mind is a camera.

And why is this invisible power of thought important?

Because the moment when I realize that I’m at the mercy of this invisible force, the thinking that I’m caught up in at that moment – the thinking that’s causing me to feel hate, fear, and arrogance – all of that can loosen up and fall away in a moment. And when that happens, I can regain my alignment and balance. And more importantly, I get access to my wisdom, common sense, and fresh new thought.

What’s amazing is that most people on the planet don’t know about this invisible power of thought that we all possess, and because we don’t know, we innocently create a lot of problems for ourselves personally and collectively. And even when we do know the value of it, because it’s invisible it’s so easy to forget how it’s operating within us all of the time.

There’s a tendency to overlook what’s invisible and see it as just a nice, interesting idea – something that’s great, but so what? In the same way that the principle of gravity is invisible, powerful, and a great thing to know about, it’s also highly practical. Go test it out for yourself!

And it’s no different from the principle of thought. Why? Because in those moments when we want to react, blame, do violence to ourselves or to others, we can remind ourselves of how this invisible force works within us. And at that moment we can remember that we are a thinker who is living from inside out and not the outside in.

I long for the day when we can all come to view and respect this invisible power of thought in the same way we have come to live with gravity. We have a lot of respect for gravity because we know the implications otherwise. Once we see the logic and power of how these forces work, we can incorporate them into our lives automatically.

We’re all being challenged in more ways than we ever imagined. And more than ever we need to be able to act wisely and intelligently. We’re on the lookout for a miracle. That miracle can come to us when we remember where our power lies.

I imagine a world where we can all live from the inside out. That power to create miracles is inside of us. It’s always has been. Let’s put it use.



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