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We humans have the tendency to get fooled into believing that it's only the BIG people who get to live an extraordinary life. People like Oprah, Richard Branson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Tony Robbins. They get to stand on stadiums and inspire thousands of people, they're highly creative, bold, confident, dripping in talent, and they somehow are able to write a bestseller overnight.

And then there's little oh me. What have I done? Where are my brilliant ideas? Where's my bigness?

Have you noticed that living an extraordinary life has come to mean being a celebrity? It's when large audiences get to witness your greatness. And sadly, many of us settle into the distinction that there are those who live a big life, and then there's the rest of us living in the shadows.

Extraordinary is a big word, but its beauty can be found in the seemingly smallest of acts where no one but you get to observe them. Consider these acts of being extraordinary:

Ordinary: When you feel envious of others who are making it big in their work.

Extraordinary: When you appreciate what they've accomplished and get inspired to do the same.

Ordinary: The blog or program you've been working on sucks (in your opinion), and so you decide to not share it.

Extraordinary: You put your work out into the world despite your fear of being judged.

Ordinary: You give a class on Facebook live and no one shows up. You feel humiliated and decide it wasn't meant to be. Why bother?

Extraordinary: You don't take it personally and you find new ways to get people to listen to you.

Ordinary: You keep waiting and waiting to feel inspired to get your coaching business up and going.

Extraordinary: You make a decision to move out of hobby-dom and go pro - you commit even if you're not in the mood.

Being extraordinary are big courageous moments, and they don't always take you in the right direction. You'll sometimes go down a dead-end road.

Your extraordinariness lies in those moments of courage, confidence, determination, and not knowing. It's about how you chose to think and what you do when you're on that dead-end road. It's how you react when you're invisible and ignored. These are BIG extraordinary moments that people like Oprah and Branson all experienced.

Decide to be extraordinary.

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