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What would it take to DISRUPT YOURSELF? And why would you want to?

For every dream, goal, and desire I’ve ever had, I’ve had to disrupt myself.

When I decided to finally leave a dysfunctional relationship, I had to disrupt the beliefs I had that I couldn’t make it on my own or that I would never find another person to share my life with.

When I started my coaching business, I had to disrupt the beliefs that I didn’t have the right personality to make it work, or that I couldn’t compete with other more successful coaches.

Disrupting yourself is when you become the leader of your own energy – your thoughts and feelings.

It’s believing that you can DISRUPT YOURSELF. That this person you see in the mirror every day – this thinking, feeling, talking, anxious, doubting person – who never fails to show up in the same old way – can actually leave behind those old energies that seem as permanent as our fingerprints.

The power to DISRUPT YOURSELF comes when you understand that you are not your thoughts – that you are the one giving your thoughts power.

And with this DISRUPTION comes FREEDOM. And with FREEDOM comes the potential to create a life of ease, creativity, and abundance. It all depends on whether you can playfully DISRUPT YOURSELF.

What would happen if you DISRUPTED YOURSELF? How would your life change if you brought a different energy to your relationships, work, or business? If you’re interested in how to DISRUPT YOURSELF – if you’d like to shake things up in 2022 – if you’d like to finally understand how your thoughts and desires can actually become things, If you’d like to PLAY WITH WHO YOU ARE, then join me for a special 2-hour class: Opening the Floodgates to Abundance. It’s a class where The 3 P’s meet The Law of Attraction. It’s one beautiful relationship! Click here for all the details:



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