What would it take to DISRUPT YOURSELF? And why would you want to?

For every dream, goal, and desire I’ve ever had, I’ve had to disrupt myself.

When I decided to finally leave a dysfunctional relationship, I had to disrupt the beliefs I had that I couldn’t make it on my own or that I would never find another person to share my life with.

When I started my coaching business, I had to disrupt the beliefs that I didn’t have the right personality to make it work, or that I couldn’t compete with other more successful coaches.

Disrupting yourself is when you become the leader of your own energy – your thoughts and feelings.

It’s believing that you can DISRUPT YOURSELF. That this person you see in the mirror every day – this thinking, feeling, talking, anxious, doubting person – who never fails to show up in the same old way – can actually leave behind those old energies that seem as permanent as our fingerprints.

The power to DISRUPT YOURSELF comes when you understand that you are not your thoughts – that you are the one giving your thoughts power.