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You’ve probably heard the phrase: “don’t take yourself so seriously” or “don’t take it personally”. These are the times when you find yourself feeling insecure and overly self-conscious; when you feel embarrassed that you made a mistake or screwed-up, it’s generally good advice to not take yourself so seriously. To lighten-up. We all get the wisdom in that. But, let me also say that there are times when we should really take ourselves seriously. And that’s what I want to share with you today. Here goes:

Take yourself seriously when you feel the urge to express yourself, speak out, and give an opinion, even though you’re feeling insecure and fearful. Honor your voice. Take it seriously. Take yourself seriously when you’re in the flow; when you’re doing something that lights you up and where you forget what time it is; when you forget to eat. Take that super seriously. Take yourself seriously when you realize you have a talent, knack, or proclivity to do something well and that brings you joy. Lean into those instincts. Know your strengths. Take them oh so seriously. Take seriously your uniqueness, your freak-ness, your differences, even when people are telling you to be someone else. There’s no-one else like you. Your uniqueness is your impact. Take it seriously when you find that you’re listening and taking direction from the other (unkind) voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough instead of listening to other quiet voice of your inner wisdom. Listen-in and take that voice seriously. Take it seriously that you have an amazing machine called the mind, Take the time to understand how it works—that you are the one creating your experience. Honor the equipment. Take that really seriously. Take it seriously that you are not your thoughts, your mind, or your physical body, but that you are so much more expansive. Don’t be afraid to take that seriously. Take it seriously that at your core you are innately whole and complete, that you have everything you need, that you are not broken or defective, and that your life is not so much about transformation but more about uncovering what’s already there, what’s always been there. Honor that knowing. Take it oh so seriously. Take it seriously that you are being guided and supported by a benevolent and powerful intelligence. Plug yourself into it. You are not alone. If we want to take ourselves seriously in these areas, we have to not take ourselves so seriously! And therein is the big paradox. Can you see the difference here? If you’re wanting a life of contribution, joy, and creativity, begin to really take yourself seriously.



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