If you want to blow your own mind you must learn how to fail. Failure is the price of success. And the reason failing will blow your mind is because our minds are not wired for taking risks. They are wired to keep us safe.

You have to be prepared to suck at it!

Consider the years we were in school – we were told that failure is a bad thing – that we have to get the right answer. School was all about passing the test. Getting it right. Failing at school filled us with shame and humiliation, and we learned how to avoid those emotions.

Our educational system had it all wrong. They had it backward. Failing is a good thing. It is the price for our success.

You have to be prepared to suck at it!

For those of you who are on an entrepreneurial journey - or anyone who is wanting to create something and share it with the world - you’ll get plenty of practice at failing.

You’ll discover that most things you try will fail, but you’ll learn from them. Most things you create will suck. You’ll fall down a lot and make many wrong turns and missteps. And through all of it your brain will want you to know that failing is wrong and dangerous. But you’ll train your brain to keep going.

You have to be prepared to suck at it.