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Just Imagine:

You're in a meeting at work and you speak out and share your ideas even though you feel nervous?

A colleague at work interrupts and talks over you, but you bring the conversion back to you?

You hear those voices in your head telling you you're not good enough, but you write the book anyway?

You're scared to tell your partner that you don't want to live with them anymore, but you tel them anyway?

You're stressed out that others will think your work is not good enough, but you decide to not let it stop you?

You give a not so good presentation, but you learn from it and are eager for the next opportunity?

You feel like an imposter, but then you realize that it's just something you've made up about yourself?

Just imagine living this way. Just imagine not letting any of this get in your way. Just imagine not taking yourself so seriously. Just imagine the freedom of not giving a shit!

Here's the thing: Living from a place of "not giving a shit" is possible when you understand that every thought that passes through your mind has no real significance. That it's all just thought. And even though you FEEL that thought; even though that thought comes with amazing special effects of dread, fear, embarrassment, shame, and a gazillion other emotions, it has no power to close you down and tell you how to live.  Try an experiment: for the next 24 hours, live as if your thoughts don't matter. Pretend they don't have any significance. Allow them to move on of their own accord. Don't dance with them; entertain them, or get cozy with them. Don't dialogue with them. Just notice and go on with whatever you need to do. 



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