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If the only thing people learned, was not to be afraid of their experience,

that alone would change the world.

I love this quote by Sydney Banks – it resonates deeply with me because for most of my life I lived in fear – and the biggest fear for me was being seen and heard.

I was afraid of having my work and ideas judged and criticized by others.

I was afraid of voicing a contrary opinion and being the odd one out.

I was afraid of being called on in the classroom (even when I was in college).

I was afraid I would be shunned, rejected, or laughed at if I spoke up.

I was afraid of looking silly or unprepared.

I was afraid of having a preference.

I was afraid of offending and displeasing others.

I was afraid of telling the truth and losing friends and lovers.

I was afraid that my ideas would not be good enough or appreciated.

I was afraid of getting it wrong.

I was afraid that people in my life would not be able to cope with my decisions.

I was afraid to trust my own intuition.

When we’re afraid of our experience it’s because we’ve disconnected ourselves from who we really are. It’s because we’ve been innocently groomed and conditioned by parents, teachers, and society to put our intuitive voice on mute. We’ve been trained not to listen to our feelings – our spirit.

Ironically, the thing we should fear is to NOT listen to our wisdom and intuition – to push it down – to not live unapologetically as our true selves.

Living in spirit – living unapologetically – has changed my world - it will change your world too.



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