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When you think of someone who is COMMITTED, you think of someone with courage, determination, a strong character, and a stick-with-it-ness no matter what. Sounds pretty noble, doesn't it? But, there are times when I don't like commitment and how it plays out. Like when someone's committed to marriage even though it's all wrong for them. They stay committed because someone told them that marriage is forever. Or when we’re in a job we hate, but we stay because we’ve already invested thousands of dollars in our education and training. And so, goddammit! we do whatever it takes to fit that square peg into that round hole, no matter what. And what about the role commitment plays in how we see ourselves? For years I was committed to seeing myself as shy, not good enough, not worthy enough, not smart enough – I developed a deep commitment to believing that I was defective; that on the day I was born, I’d been short-changed and left out when qualities like confidence were being handed out. That commitment kept me playing small – out of the limelight – under-utilized, and living in the shadows. My commitment to who I thought I was – that commitment was ingrained in me over the course of many years. But the only problem with commitment is when we’re committed to a lie. And you can always sniff out a lie by how it feels. You’ll feel restricted, caged-in, unsafe, unseen, unheard, un-creative, unappreciated, and insecure – you’ll feel not good enough. And when we do, we’ll know we’re backing the wrong commitment because it doesn’t feel good. But never under-estimate the power of the TRUTH. The truth always (eventually) has its way. How does the truth have its way? Just see how wonderfully designed we all are – that we have these built-in indicators (feelings) giving us signposts letting us know that we’re getting colder or we’re getting hotter. I have come to see that commitment to self – to the truth of who we really are - is the only commitment that is right and true – without personal alignment, we have no power to pursue the goals and dreams of our life. Commitment to self outweighs everything! And the gentle push towards YOU finally seeing the truth of who you are, is always going to be part of your journey. Yep, you’re going to keep on feeling bad about yourself until you understand how beautifully you are designed. That the feeling bad about yourself isn’t the truth about who you are. It’s just showing you that you’re misunderstanding the role and purpose of that feeling - that it's not meant to define you, but liberate you. What if you could get committed to the truth about what’s really going on when you feel crappy about yourself? What if you were committed to understanding how your mind works and how we're the ones creating our experience? What if you developed a committed stick-with-it-ness to the truth of who you really are whenever you feel not good enough? Get committed to this beautiful design and you’ll see and live out the truth of who you really are.   _______________________________________________________________ One great way you can show that commitment to yourself is by getting your copy of my new online course: CONFIDENCE IN A BOX It's self-guided, self-paced, and it's all video-based so that you can watch it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Confidence in a Box is where I share everything I've learned and realized over the course of 2 decades both as a coach and practitioner, about how to access and uncover your natural confidence without having to spend endless hours managing and coping, without having to fake it 'till you make it! While we're all spending more time at home because of the pandemic, there couldn't be a better time to: Curl up in your PJ's with a bowl of popcorn, an open mind, and find out how you can break the habit of being your insecure self! CONFIDENCE IN A BOX! It contains the road

map, the manual, the TRUTH of how we're all creating what's showing up in our lives - insecurity and confidence!  CONFIDENCE IS THE ROCKET FUEL TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN



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