I bet you never thought of your business (or work) as having a soul. In the same way that an artist or writer, or cake maker brings a certain energy to whatever they are creating, consider that we also bring an energy to our work. And it’s that energy that breathes life and creativity (or the lack of it) into it.

So, what is the energy of your business? What is that energy that YOU have created and continue to create? How do you think and feel about your work as you hang out with it daily?

Are you bringing a daily negative mindset of fear and scarcity? Do you recognize a daily battle going on? Are you always talking to your business about how there’s never enough clients, time, money, attention, or progress?

I have been so guilty of these low states of energy. But then I began to see my business as no different than being in a relationship with a person.

One of the biggest and toughest insights I’ve had about creating a business is realizing that what I’m creating is being fed by my own energy – it’s what I bring to it. Tough - because throughout all the years I’ve been in this relationship, my business has been mirroring back to me who I am BEING. And it hasn’t all been pretty!

There's been the endless loop of self-critical chatter that goes on in my head reminding me that I'm not good enough or smart enough to be my own boss.

There's the envy I feel about other coaches who are more popular and who are making more money than I am.

There's the inertia and lack of tenacity that I succumb to far too easily when I can't figure out how to do anything technical.