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There’s a lot of hate in the world – but there’s also a lot of love.

And one of the things that people are in love with is popular culture – we love our brands, don’t we? Nike (Just do it!), Disney, Tik Tok, Oprah, & Beonce.

We are religiously devoted to these brands – they have huge cult-like followings from their fans. And the question is WHY? What’s going on with them? Why are we so drawn and devoted to them?

What they all have in common is that they convey content that produces a feeling state in which we get to see the possibility of our own potential. We get a glimpse of what could be possible for ourselves. These brands mirror back to us the greatness of what we want for ourselves. It’s almost as if they are prodding us and trying to wake us up to the greatness of who we really are. Have you noticed that we gravitate towards people and things that show us the fullness of who we are?

I’ve no doubt that Beyonce or Oprah or any other famous artist have moments when they are awed by their own success as much as we are also awed when watching them. We are awed at the human potential, and it’s the possibility of that potential that is part of being human. We are all hard-wired for possibility.

The next time you witness someone dance, sing, play, speak, or create anything – and you’re in awe of them, remind yourself that they were once students of their craft. There was a time when that greatness wasn't being revealed. But just see what eventually came through them.

Don’t be afraid to be a student. Don’t be afraid of the possibility of your potential.



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