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One of the greatest crimes we innocently commit almost every day is that we listen to the voice in our head that says: Don’t trust yourself.

Don’t speak up and express yourself; don’t put your body of work out into the world; don’t run the risk of being rejected, laughed at, or ignored;

We’re all guilty of listening to that voice that says: Nope! I’m not going to let the world see my work. I’m going to hold back.

I’ve come to see that most of the great failures in my life have occurred when I didn’t express myself, speak up, launch an idea, reach out, test the waters, or take the risk to put my work out into the world.

It’s always been about a failure of omission.

And the reason is that we don’t trust ourselves. We’re afraid. We don’t have the guts. We believe we don’t have it in us. And it’s especially hard today because the world is watching us on social media. And so we hold back. We lose our nerve.

Whenever I get caught in the net of fear, I always take myself back to when I learned to ride my bike. Learning to balance my bike was terrifying – I fell over so many times and hurt myself. And I survived it. But the pull to finally get the balance thing down kept nudging me to try again because what lay on the other side was the freedom and joy of riding my bike.

You may not believe me on this one, but the feeling that comes from omission – standing for years on the sidelines - continuing to hide out and give in to my fear of being criticized or judged – was (and is) far more painful – far more lonely – than taking the risk to put my work out into the world. Trust me on this!

Why? Because we are hard-wired to create, we are hard-wired to live free of self-doubt, we are hard-wired to express ourselves. Who we really are is confident, creative, and free of self-consciousness.

That’s what the soul wants. It’s trying to get us to come back home to ourselves.

We’re always hearing that who we really are is full of confidence, creativity, resiliency, and love. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? So why don't we trust ourselves to find out?

Getting back on my bike again and again after months of falling off was the only way I would ever discover my resilience. I could never have experienced that by reading a book on how to ride a bike. It was not an intellectual exercise.

I had to trust myself.

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