We see a lot of inequality in this world. Some of us are richer than others, thinner than others, and some are more confident than others. I've been on the other end of all of these throughout my life, and I always used to put it down to the family I grew up in and my lack of privileges. They seemed to explain and justify my plight.

Seven years ago I came across an understanding that made me see things differently - I discovered that the person I thought I was and experienced was actually all made up by me and had very little to do with my family of origin. And I discovered that if I really wanted to feel confident, creative, and abundant, the power to be all of that resided within me. I had full access to those invisible powers regardless of my circumstances.

That's when I discovered the teachings of Sydney Banks - the three principles.

One of the things I love about Sydney Banks is that he was an ordinary, working-class man who had a mystical experience. Just knowing this fills me with tremendous hope.

I’ve been on a spiritual search all my life, and I used to think that mystical experiences or enlightenment only happened to other people – the smart ones like Oxford-educated, Eckhart Tolle or people who had dedicated themselves to an ascetic, monastic life and who lived in India – it’s the reason why I traveled to India six times going to the footh