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You cannot transmit wisdom and insight to another person

The seed is already there

A good teacher touches the seed

Allowing it to wake up – to sprout

And to grow

Thich Hnat Hanh

I’ve had clients sign up for coaching with me who have wanted me to tell them what to do. They come believing that I have some secret sauce, some information – a wisdom wand that will make them whole and well again.

Tell me what to do to feel confident –

Tell me what to do to get in the flow –

Tell me what to do to find my purpose –

And you know what? I’ve also signed up for coaching hoping for the very same thing!

What I’ve come to see over the years of doing this personal development work is that wisdom, guidance, direction, courage, creativity, and confidence – those seeds are already there within us.

Some lie dormant, asleep – some have been in a deep sleep for decades. Is it any wonder we don’t believe those seeds are already there within us? But they are - and we are the only ones who get to wake them up – can allow them to sprout.

I’ve always believed that this world is a 50 – 50 setup. There’s good and bad and we can’t avoid any of it. And our relationship with the Universe is also 50-50 - we’re in a divine partnership with the Universe and it’s our responsibility to wake up the Universe to the US! – and we do this by tending to the quality of our energy.

So, the next time you think the Universe has fallen asleep on you – has left you bereft - remember that it’s wanting your 50 % worth.

It takes two to make something grow.


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