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I’m the kind of gal that loves to think, problem-solve, and take action. Once I have an idea or goal, I’m like a dog on a bone (to use one of Abraham’s phrases). I love giving things my full attention. I’m on it.

I’ve seen this part of me play out in all areas of my life, like the time many years ago when the idea hit me about going to live in the US – I was on it! Or the time when I finally decided that I was going to allow myself to find a wonderful relationship. Done! And now in my life, it’s how to create a thriving business where I get to share myself and my gifts with the world.

But with all these desires, it wasn’t or hasn’t been smooth sailing. In my business, I have days when I lose my momentum, when my mind overthinks what to do and what not to do, where my creativity comes to a screeching halt, and where I’ve chewed relentlessly on my "dog bone", so to speak, that it’s dried up and lost its juicy flavor.

That’s when I know it’s time to REBOOT. And it works every time.

We all know the benefit of rebooting our computers. These complex machines have so much going on inside of them that just thinking about what has caused them not to work, fills us with overwhelm. How can we possibly begin to comprehend all that could go wrong? But then we remember to reboot. Such a simple act of turning off and turning on usually works every time.

Rebooting for me begins when I stop “working” and put on my walking shoes. And for the first few minutes of my walk my mind is full of thoughts – Should I do this?... What about that…No, that wouldn’t work…why are things so difficult?... What’s wrong with me?.. Maybe I should give up.

And then, as I continue to walk, something happens.

Those thoughts wear themselves out and float away, and I find myself in a NEUTRAL SPACE where there is no overthinking going on, no ruminating, no analytical conversations, and no negative feelings. Things quiet down up there.

But something else happens in that SPACE – something magical.

It’s where your inner being, your larger self, the intelligence of the Universe (whatever you want to call it) meets you, joins you, and begins to guide you about what you should do next. It’s in that SPACE where you get new creative ideas, momentum, and a good feeling. It’s when you’re given a fresh new dog bone to chew on.

That SPACE isn’t just for those of us who like to walk. You can experience it when meditating, lying on your bed and doing nothing, listening to trees swaying in the breeze, or birds chirping. You get to choose how to tap into that magical SPACE.

Try it out. Because when you do, you’ll access untapped resources you never knew were there.

Who knew it was as simple as REBOOTING.

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