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Where Soul Meets Strategy – this is a tagline I use in my work with coaches. I’m a firm believer that success in our work – or with anything we do in life – requires that we consider both a soulful and strategic approach.

Life gives us opportunities to create stuff – and whether it’s a business or a relationship, or a pile of money - there’s plenty of information and strategic advice on how to learn how to do stuff and create what you want.

Have you noticed that learning how to do something doesn’t always result in getting what you want? If only it were a case of learning a skillset.

You can do all the “right” things and still not have what you want. Clearly, there’s something else at play.

A case in point: I listen to a lot of podcasts and some of them have a large following even though the

presenter lacks basic presentation skills; even though they don’t know how to pace themselves when speaking, even though the sound quality is poor. The content may be good but many of them ramble on with little organization.

Truth is: everything that is manifesting in our lives – whether it’s a success or failure - we are the ones that are making our reality true.

If we keep thinking and telling the stories of how we never get noticed, or never get the date, or never get clients, or never make money – if we keep telling these stories of the confusion, unfairness, and victimization – just watch how the universe will continue to yield what we believe. We become so sure of our plight. We have so much evidence to prove it.

We get what we’re thinking about whether you want it or not.

Many years ago, when I was single, I hung out with women for a short time who were always complaining about how all the good men were taken. I had the fortitude to see this talk as endless and futile – so much attention on what’s showing up instead of changing the way we see it.

No doubt you can see how our energy plays a role in our creations – and so it begs the question: how do we change our energy? It’s not enough just to say the right words. People can sniff out our energy. There’s no disguising it from others or more importantly, ourselves.

Which is why whatever we are creating – a coaching business or relationship – we must believe on a soulful level that what we want to sell to others has true value and worth.

We must know our worth.

So, by all means acquire the necessary skills sets to show up as a pro – learn how to do things really well, but always bring your soul - your energy - along for the ride.

Pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking that cause you to leak energy. But know that it’s not enough to just think about what you want – you have to embody it – feel it in your bones. You have to know it in the same way you know that there is a nose on your face.

Learning to cooperate and be deliberate about what we want is about learning how to do things well and feeling the power of it in your soul. It’s where soul meets strategy.



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