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Millions of Americans have decided that they’re not going back to their regular jobs – they’re done with hours spent sitting in traffic commuting to work, putting up with the stress of having a crappy boss, and always feeling as if their future and security are at the mercy of an employer.

It’s been called: The Great Resignation – and it’s one of the best things to have emerged out of COVID.

Many of these people go on to become coaches. And unfortunately, many of them fail before they’ve even begun. And it’s because starting a coaching practice is not like deciding to become an accountant or an electrician. Accountants and electricians don’t really care about who they work with – in fact, they can work with anyone.

But coaching is so different because it's one of those professions that your soul calls you toward – it’s not just a profession, but a vocation. And if you don’t take the time to figure out what kind of coaching you are being called to and who you should be working with it can make or break you.

When I first started coaching I thought it was enough that I could work with people on their thoughts and limiting beliefs about anything whether it was relationships, weight loss, or money issues. But I quickly realized that my coaching suffered when I was coaching certain people. In the same way that a heart specialist feels ill-equipped to serve patients who need to have a tooth extracted, coaches need to be coaching people they have a deep affinity and connection with – and that person…hint, hint…is typically someone who is just like they were ten or fifteen years ago.

The people I most love to coach are women of a certain age. They’re 45 plus and what’s special about these women is that they’re in this place where they know themselves – sorry! but there’s a huge difference between being in your 20’s and 30’s and being in your mid to late 40’s!

These women are also smart – they’re been on a spiritual and personal development journey for a long time. They’re not afraid of commitment, and more than anything they’re ready to create something wonderful for themselves – a business that’s purpose-driven – one that improves people’s lives - and one that also makes money.

And because they’ve never run their own business, they realize that they’re going to have to learn a few essential skill-sets about marketing and sales.

They’re also aware that because they tend to be introverts, reserved, self-conscious, and maybe even a little shy, they know that there’s some inner work to do before they can put themselves out there. They're fully aware that there's a lot of self-sabotaging and hiding out going on - that they need to get over their fear of not feeling good enough. They’re willing to go down that road.

So, if you’re ready to be part of the Great Resignation – if you’d like to explore your purpose-driven coaching business; what clients are going to bring out your genius, then you can begin by reading my free guide. I wrote it especially for women like you who are ready to create a business that will sustain them on a soulful level and monetarily. The guide has some great questions to help you discover a coaching business that’s driven and guided by your soul.



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