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Whenever I read or hear something that encourages or inspires me, it’s as if I’ve been sprinkled with fairy dust because, at that moment, I hear something that wakes me up to how life wants to flow through me and guide me – how life is not out to get me - and more importantly, how I’m the one letting the air out of my own tires – how I lose my power.

And so today, I’d like to sprinkle some fairy dust on you, if you’re open to it. And the fairy dust that I want to shower you with is this…

Let go of feeling entitled – let go of the belief that we deserve something.

I’ve had my own experiences of feeling like the Universe owes me - entitled that I should have a loving partner in life when I didn’t – after all, I was a good person, loving, kind, and generous – I deserved someone just as nice to love me back.

I felt entitled to get the job I so desperately wanted because I was qualified, hard-working, and put a lot of effort into preparing for the interview.

In the early days of my business, I felt entitled that I should get lots of clients and make lots of money because I was a master coach and I knew I could help people. I was doing good work and really serving people. That entitlement seemed like a no-brainer.

And then there’s the issue of putting my creative work out into the world – I felt entitled that people should stop, read, and appreciate my blogs, and newsletters, and buy my programs because I’d put a lot of effort into creating stuff for others to enjoy and benefit from. I deserved to be read – to be heard and seen - to be visible.

Whenever I’ve felt entitled, it has only backfired on me and left me feeling slighted, sorry for myself, hard done by, arrogant, bitter, and victimized. Can you feel the heaviness in that? It has never felt good, and it’s never led me closer to the life I want.

We are not entitled to anything. We can have great expectations and dreams about what we want, but we can’t feel entitled. We can’t fight our way to what we desire.

And as harsh and unfair as this may sound, consider that we have already been given so much – the gift of life – the gift to express our creativity, the gift of learning our craft, the gift of discovering what we’re made of as we pursue our dreams.

Let go of entitlement – loosen its grip on you – let the attachment fall away – humble up, don’t demand, and do what you must do (and want to do) in life. Feel the freedom in this.

When we get triggered and feel upset by not getting what we want, just know that you are right smack in the magic of it all - because you're being given an opportunity to tear down the ways you've been depending on getting what you want - the things you think you just can't live without. You get to see just how dependent you are about certainty and being in control.

Let go of entitlement - do your work - dream away - be present - and you'll get your fair share of fairy dust.



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