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I believe that one of the worst things you can do in life is to ignore the need for change. Whether it’s ignoring to leave a relationship, leave a boring job, or not go after your dreams when we go through life avoiding how we feel about our circumstances – when we push down those feelings because we lack the ability to make a decision – it's no wonder we get stuck in life and feel uninspired.

Whether you are working for someone else, or you have your own business, we are all essentially in business for ourselves. We are all leading our lives. Some people are doing it deliberately and taking full charge – they listen to the quiet voice within them that’s telling them to change course or go after their dreams. And then there are others who try to push down their feelings to avoid making a decision.

We all know what’s it’s like to try to push down a beach ball into the water only to have it pop up again. Trying to get the beach ball to stay down is exhausting. And that's because the nature of the beach ball is to float. That's just what beach balls do.

I hear many people who want to start their own coaching business (or other business) say: “Oh, I don’t think I have the skills to run my own business. I’m not a business person.” It takes a special kind of person.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, there are skills sets to learn, but consider that you’ve been in business for yourself your whole life. You’ve learned how to navigate who to hang out with and who to avoid; you’ve learned how to pace yourself at work and not get overwhelmed with workload; you’ve learned how to ask for more money; manage your money and pay your bills, and you’ve learned how to get along with your co-workers and boss.

So, why do you think you can’t have a successful business?

It’s true that some people are better at being in business for themselves than others. Some people are living happier and more abundant lives. And that’s because they’ve learned an important truth. That if you don’t star in your own life, then who is? If you don’t become the director of your life and take the leading role – a role that you are creating in every moment with every decision you make – then you’ll always find yourself playing the support role.

Don’t let the world – parents, spouses, teachers, others – tell you who you are going to be. Make a decision. Do it on purpose. And just like the beach ball, be congruent and in alignment with who you really are.




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