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As a child growing up in England, there was no question of buying fish sticks (or fish fingers as we called them!) if they were not BirdsEye fish fingers. No other fish stick would do. The same goes for cans of baked beans – they had to be Heinz Baked Beans.

BirdsEye and Heinz are examples of powerful brands. Somehow or other, these companies were able to get the message across to millions of people that they were the best – they created the reputation and image of a product that was rock solid – their fish sticks and beans were the real thing. These brands were supremely confident and they never waivered in how their products were made. There was no disputing.

We consumers of fish sticks and baked beans knew what we were getting. We could depend on them.

Branding can also be applied to human beings. In your relationships with others, can you honestly and confidently say that you know what your value is in relation to others? Is how you show up consistently strong, confident, and definitive? Do people get you? Or do you find yourself wavering and flip-flopping your standards and boundaries in order to people-please? Do you find yourself making tweaks and adjustments in how you show up with others?

Having a strong personal brand is about knowing who you are – knowing your value and worth – so much so that when people meet you, they know what they’re getting. There’s no messing with you. And what’s so great about this is not only do strong personal brands command respect from others, they also have this ability to attract people to them that are a good fit without it taking forever.

They know who they are and they know what they want.

This is good news for anyone who is trying to find a lasting relationship because so many people put themselves out into the world of dating without first doing the foundational work of knowing their own personal brand – their values are vague and mushy; they can be easily swayed and manipulated; they’re easily duped and taken advantage of; they lack confidence in who they are, and they let themselves become followers of others instead of leading their own life.

When we lack a strong personal brand, the net we cast out into the world - the net that we hope will catch someone - ends up being too wide and vague. And the holes in the net are in need of repair. Is it any wonder why our search for the right relationship continues to evade us.?

As a child, shopping for fish sticks and baked beans was an easy task. I’d go straight to the refrigerator and look for the BirdsEye and Heinz brand. It was a no brainer. I didn't have to over-think it. Getting clear on your personal brand will not only allow others to find you and truly “see" you, but it will also do away with all the hoop-jumping, game-playing, and superficial interactions. It’s the fast track to true and lasting intimacy.



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