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This a FREE class for coaches/solopreneurs who want to feel safe and confident about putting themselves and their work out there!

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Here's the truth...

  • If you want to have an online business, you are going to have to get comfortable about putting yourself out there.


  • You are going to have to stand out from the crowd in an online world that is busy and overcrowded.

  • You are going to have to know who you are as a coach and your unique gifts.


  • You are going to have to tame the voice in your head that tells you it's not safe to be visible, that you're not ready, and that you should not take risks.


  • You are going to have to learn how to feel safe about being seen and heard.


Please join me for this FREE CLASS - I'm going to share with you my own personal breakthrough about how I radically changed my entire relationship with being an insecure coach/solopreneur to someone who no longer feels the fear of putting myself out there.


WHEN: Tuesday, January 31, 2023, @ 2:00 pm eastern time.
(Pacific time: 11:00 am/UK time: 7:00 pm)

This class will be recorded if you can't make it live - so sign up for it and save your seat.


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Linda Ford is a master coach, instructor, and the author of the best-selling Kindle book - Women and Confidence - the truth about the lies we tell ourselves. 

She suffered from a lack of confidence for five decades in her relationships, body image, and especially in her work and career - but has radically changed her relationship with insecurity and self-doubt. 

If you want the world to see you, you have to first SEE yourself.

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