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When I used to wear pantihose (and thankfully those days are over!), I always bought the brand No Nonsense – they were supportive, strong, and comfortable - nothing else would do.

Just imagine if we created a No-Nonsense Life. A no-nonsense life is one where we refuse to put up with and tolerate a life that’s not working, not joyful – not aligned with our desires – it’s a life of confidently going after our dreams.

And so, let me ask you - where in your life are you putting up with a life of nonsense?

We humans are all so full of nonsense, aren’t we? So, let's just call ourselves out! Here’s just a sampling of the nonsense we bury ourselves in…

We tell ourselves lies about what we can and can’t do.

We let perfectionism stop us.

We sabotage our dreams.

We live in the past.

We ruminate on what’s not working.

We keep waiting and hiding out.

We keep believing that we don’t have what it takes.

We allow negative feelings to cause doubt and halt our dreams.

We never think we're good enough.

We’re all (innocently) full of nonsense, aren't we?

I was talking to a client this week who has made huge strides in her life – she’s had the courage to leave a dysfunctional relationship, and move to a new place – she’s on the road to reinventing herself. And yet, she related to me that she was having doubts and feeling anxious because she wasn’t feeling clear about the direction of her life – even though it’s only been a few months since she disrupted her life. In short, she wasn’t feeling clarity about the direction she should take - she wasn't feeling great or clear.

I’ve come to see that NONSENSE becomes more subtle and sneaky when we’re going after our dreams – and in the case of my brave client – the NONSENSE that she’s experiencing is that she should know by now what to do.

But what’s really going on is that her mind is trying to butt in and tell her not to take the risk. The mind is full of NONSENSE – and it will turn up the nonsense the more you go after your dreams.

Take a close and honest look at where you are living a life of NONSENSE, because when we can truly see the nonsense for what it is - that’s the first step to living a life of true freedom and joy.

My NO-NONSENSE message for my wonderful client and for anyone reading this:

Stop trying to feel better – Instead, get better at feeling.



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