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As a coach and solopreneur, I often ask myself the question: What exactly are you selling? What is the service you are offering to people?

That question wouldn’t come up if I sold shoes or soap - that’s easy to explain. You can see shoes and soap - you can hold them in your hands.

What I’m selling is a new way of being in the world - I’m selling the freedom to be yourself - to be comfortable in your own skin. And why is that important? Because the freedom from insecurity and self-doubt opens up a whole world of potential and possibility. It’s you living a magnetic life.

So many people feel paralyzed by their insecurities - they go through life being too apologetic and polite. They walk around wearing a coat of armor trying to protect themselves.

Don’t get me wrong. I despise rudeness and arrogance. I’m talking about loosening up more and not being so controlled by our sense of self. Not being so afraid of giving an opinion or worrying whether we look stupid, or whether others will like us or not. Not being so shy and afraid of interacting with others.

Imagine if we saw our world and ourselves with fresh eyes as if for the first time - seeing life the way a child does.

Imagine if you could…

Be open to making more mistakes.

Be willing to go down the wrong road.

Be open to looking and sounding stupid.

Reach out and be the first to talk to people, and have a different opinion.

Show up in the world innocent - like a child.

See your world for the first time.

Let go of taking yourself so seriously.

I believe this is the secret to a life well lived - there’s magic in living this way.

This is what I sell - how you can become more confident, magnetic, and in so doing live a life of magic.

Wanna buy some?

I’d love to hear from you -



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