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I just heard a wonderful interview with Malcolm x daughter, IIyasah Shabazz in which she said that before we get to the actual work of changing laws, we as a species have to understand and see that at the foundation, what we are experiencing is a human problem of how so many of us on this planet have bought into the myth that some of us are better than others and some of us are inferior.

She said that Tony Morrison spent her entire life trying to destroy the myth that black people were genetically inferior. She said that the "black lives matter" movement is fundamentally about ALL people on this planet - all of the indigenous people who have been pushed aside, discounted, shat on, destroyed - all people of color, gays, disabled people, women, and immigrants. It's about having an understanding of what's right and what's wrong.

We have to begin to tell the TRUTH about our history - and not hide the fact that there have been so many great people of color and women who were walked over and pushed to the side and written out of the history books.

We have to teach the truth in our schools so that our children can have self-respect. Everything has to be "done-over", rewritten.

And only then can ALL of us begin to truly thrive - the truth is our foundation.

Let this message also include the MYTH we all buy into that we're not good enough. It's a horrible and destructive big myth. Consider how long you've been buying into it. How many years have you been telling yourself you're not as good as other people; that you don't have what it takes; that some people are born with "it" and some aren't born with "it"? Notice how often you hear yourself say these words - how you argue for your limitations.

It's time that ALL OF US stop saying it, stop thinking it, and stop letting these words live us. Can we all declare here that whenever we hear ourselves say it, (and we will!), that we remind ourselves of what's really TRUE?

Let's begin to honor the fact that at our core, every single one of us is MAGNIFICENT.

And that's the TRUTH.



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