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We all remember that scene in the movie When Harry Met Sally, where Meg Ryan’s character, Sally fakes an organism. and another woman notices her and says those famous five words: I’ll have what she’s having!

I’m sure you’ve had one of those moments when you’ve watched someone (not while they’re having an orgasm!) and you’ve found yourself captivated by their looks, demeanor, or words and you’ve wondered what is that special quality they have that makes them so attractive, charismatic, or stand out?

We’re living in a world today where so many of us are trying to stand out and get attention - have you noticed that the online world has become increasingly busy and overcrowded? And I'm not just referring to solopreneurs or public speakers. Look at your own life.

Consider the following ways we long for attention:

· When we post our profile on an online dating site and hope to meet someone.

· When we’re trying to improve our relationship and experience more intimacy.

· When we want to impress our boss when we’re giving a presentation or participating in a meeting at work.

· When we want others to see us as confident and professional.

· When we walk into a room or party and want to be noticed by others.

· When we want our online business to attract more clients and have more impact.

The need and desire for attention impact every area of our life. And yet so many of us are invisible and overlooked.

So, what is the secret sauce that makes us more visible? How do we stand out more and get attention?

You may be surprised at my answer – because it’s not about being sexy, hot, or stunningly beautiful, or handsome. Those attributes do help, but in and of themselves, they have no holding power – they are not sustainable for lasting attention.

That secret quality – the IT factor - is PRESENCE.

When we go through life with PRESENCE we naturally come alive. We experience the life force coming through us - and it's this quality that people find irresistible.

If you don’t believe me, then try this experiment: The next time you’re at the supermarket buying your dish soap and toilet paper, notice people, say hello, smile at them – take everything in – allow your personality and curiosity to come alive – Be PRESENT to everyone and everything. You’re going to be amazed at how it changes the quality of your experience.

So many women today have dulled down and disconnected from their presence without realizing it, and it impacts their ability to find love, maintain a vibrant love life, and have an impact on their work. They lack MAGNETISM.

When you learn how to tap into your magnetism you'll have other women saying about you: I'll have what she's having!

If you’re looking to stand out and get noticed in any area of your life – if you’re tired of being invisible – if you want to uplevel some area of your life - then consider signing up for my signature program – The Magnetic Woman. I normally offer this in a small group setting but I’m opening it up for a few individual one-on-one sessions.CLICK HERE



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