"Tis the season for returns and exchanges, long lines, and gift receipts. It's where you get to pick out the right size, and the right color. And who knows, you may even get to toss the gift altogether, and get what you really want.

I love this tradition of returns and exchanges---it's downright honest and practical. It's a moment in our lives when we truly believe without a doubt that we shouldn't have to be saddled with stuff that doesn't resonate with us---it's when we're allowed to get what we really want.

There's no shame or embarrassment, there's no remorse. We just get on with the job of ridding ourselves of this thing we don't want.


What if you felt the same way about your life?

Are there parts that you wish you could just return or exchange for something better? How about exchanging your troubled relationship for a new one that fills you with joy? And what if you could return your boring job to your boss and say, no thanks, I don't need this--I'm going to start my own business.

What if you could rid yourself of your life as you know it, and trade it in for a

completely new one and a better fit?

Deciding that you want to get rid of an unwanted life is the most honest and practical thing you could ever do. It makes perfect sense. If something's not working if it brings you misery, then why not chuck it? it's a simple, straightforward task. But it's also the most difficult thing to do. Why is that?