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We all want it; we all need it – we believe that some have it; some don’t. Why are we so fascinated by it? What is this thing we all long for?


And why wouldn’t we want charisma? Charisma causes people to like you, listen to you, and get their attention. People notice you and are drawn to you. Charisma is seductive, charming, attractive, and magnetic.

Whether you’re looking for a relationship, want to stand out in your business, want to get ahead in your job, or are a parent who wants to influence your kids, charisma really matters. Charismatic people impact the world. Charisma makes people want to do what you want them to do.

But before you dive into thinking you don’t have any, consider this.

As much as there are volumes of books out there teaching us tools and techniques of how we can become charismatic, consider that you already are charismatic – that you weren’t ignored when charisma was being handed out at the time you were born.

And I have Michelangelo to back me up on this.

He insisted that when he was carving his glorious statues, he didn’t create them, but revealed them. He could see the statue within the block of marble. All he had to do was chip away the excess to allow the sublime statue – that was always there - to emerge.

If Michelangelo’s words sound a bit too woo-woo for you, then think about those times in your life when you felt confident and in control of a situation – even if it was for just a moment – a moment in time when others around you actually listened to what you had to say and were impressed or moved. A time when the right words came out of your mouth and had power. A time when you let go of your self-consciousness and you showed up with extraordinary presence and magnetism. A time when you captivated nd influenced others.

We’ve all had these experiences – however brief - and so it begs the question: What happened at that moment? How did you show up with charisma and then lose it? Why can’t you be like that all the time? Where did it come from and where did it go?

Whenever I had these odd experiences, I’d write them off as if they were a fluke – I’d explain them away by thinking it was because I got up that morning on the right side of the bed, or that I was in a good mood, or that I was just lucky that day.

What was really going on was that my glorious statue – which was always there - was trying to break through, to reveal itself.

I’d experience a glimpse of that exquisite feeling and bathe in it for a while only to pull the plug, come back down to earth, and go back to the old familiar personality of Linda.

Getting yourself back into your original charismatic skin does take some time – it can be uncomfortable and challenging, but only because you’ve had a lifetime of covering up your glorious statue with layers of thoughts and beliefs that have convinced you that you’re not good enough – that you don’t have what it takes.

You’ve had a lot of time and practice to add those layers.

The good news is that claiming your natural charisma doesn’t mean you have to be outgoing, physically attractive, or an extravert. And this is not about changing your personality.

If you’re interested in revealing your glorious statue – if you’d like to show up in your big or small world as more influential, captivating, and inspiring – if you’re fed up with being invisible, and if you’d like people to say about you: “Wow, who is that – I’d like to meet her!” then, come work with me one-on-one and together we’ll chip away at what’s blocking your charisma.

Sign up for a FREE call with me to explore how you can become more charismatic in your life.



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