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Have you ever had the experience of watching someone give a presentation, talk, or even a Facebook Live and they’re clearly not comfortable or confident?

And the more nervous and insecure they are, the more you cringe as you watch them shrink before your very eyes. We feel bad for them. It doesn’t make us - the listener - feel good. We want them to stop. We don’t trust or believe what they’re saying.

The truth is, when we experience someone talking or presenting, we want them to be awesome, we want them to be grounded in who they are and what they’re sharing, and if they’re not awesome we lose interest and disconnect from them. We're attracted to confidence.

I’ve had a lot of experience giving talks and doing interviews, and whether it’s one-on-one or to a larger audience, I always know when I’m losing the audience’s attention.

What’s going on in that moment is that I’m up in my head – I'm in my head bubble – thinking about what impression I’m making, thinking about whether they like me, or if I’m impressing them, instead of being truly present in the moment.

When this used to happen to me (and it still does from time to time), I would put it down to the fact that I’m just not a natural at speaking – that some people are born with this talent. I would justify my not being awesome.

And this is the BIG MYTH a lot of buy into.

It gets us off the hook from putting ourselves out there in life. We see this play out in our careers or our business where we end up shrinking away and hiding out. And we also see it in our pursuit of relationships. We believe we’re too shy to make a genuine impression on others. And so we end up afraid of putting ourselves out there.

The truth is that we are all awesome. We all have the potential to experience confidence and groundedness – feeling comfortable in our own skin. It’s just that we’ve trained ourselves to believe we just don’t have it. BUT, YOU DO!

If you’re interested in awakening and accelerating your confidence – your powers of magnetism to be seen and heard, then join me for my new workshop THE MAGNETIC WOMAN. I’m going to share with you how I changed my whole relationship with insecurity and feeling invisible.

The workshop begins this coming Thursday! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.



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